HEB Coupon trip 6/26/2011

We used our faithful method of shopping and saving sanity with 2 small children.  I made the list--gathered the coupons--and Jason shopped.  We usually save more when I can go with his because I always take my binder with me and he BEGS me to not make him take it...lol.  But  in the end the extra savings we would have earned seem futile when I think about going alone or going together with BOTH kids.  So this is our method.

Trip overall:
Store brand savings: $4.46
Coupon savings: $63.69
Total: $66.93

There were some especially great savings this week.  I had 3 coupons for regular cheerios.  One for $1 off 2 and 2 for 55cents off one (and they could be combined)  Then in store they had $4 off 4 boxes...That is $6.10 savings on 4 boxes of cheerios with total cost of $10.72.  We paid a tad over a dollar per box---I can live with that.
They also had the same deal for fruit roll ups this week.  I had a coupon and they had $4 off 4.  They are $2.37 each and I think my coupon was $1 off 3.  So we saved $5 on 4 and paid $1.12 per box.  Great for my girl's snack drawer.
The store also had welch's juice coupons in store that could be used in combination with the 55 cent coupons I already planned to use.  I think the in-store was for $1 off each.  So we saved $2.10 and paid only $1.42 for each.
This is also a great week to stock up on Aussie brand hair products.  That is my favorite brand and I took advantage of 3 of the $1 off coupons for hair spray, mousee and gel.
Another great coupon floating around is the 55 cents off cherub tomatoes.  It is very rare to get a coupon for produce so I took advantage of 3 of them.  My girls and hubby love tomatoes as snacks (I am TERRIBLY allergic to them).
Now my favorite deal of the week came from the catalina coupons--those are the coupons that print at register.  We got a $1 off any HEB brand item compliments of Dole fruit Crisps and then.....HOLD YOUR BREATH...a $5 off your next shopping order compliments of general mills cereals.  COOL HUH!  I am tickled!  :)
happy couponing ladies!


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