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Life Changing Decision

Jason and I have been toying with the idea of selling our home for about six months now. There are so many pros...but also cons.
We love our neighbors, we have invested ALOT of money into this home to get it just the way we want it, and did I mention that we love our neighbors?
However, Reese will be headed to school in 2 years and as of now we are in Waco ISD. Not somewhere I would choose to send her. They are builing the new University High campus at the end of my street! We had decided to home school her for 2 years and stay here...but I came to a place where I felt like it sure would be nice to send her to school in the mornings and be done with it (well sort of).
Also we have a big lump of equity in our home. I wont give details here but lets just say that selling would get us credit debt free in 2 years and total debt free in 10. That sounds awfully good to me.
We have wanted land for sometimes now as well...
So Needless to say--
We listed our home yesterday and are putting in a …

birdhouse creations

Two of these are gifts for some close friends and one is wholly mine to keep. Check em out.

This is the one I am keeping made out of last years easter basket.

Birthday Gift for good friend who collects penguins!

This one is a moving gift for a good friend whose family is relocating to a different town to start another church-plant.

Coupon diva returns

I beat my all time total coupon savings best of $69 with this weeks shopping trip. Are you ready "drumroll please"...I saved a whopping $75.89!