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Swirling, whirling thoughts and prayer request

So many thoughts are bumping around in my head.  I haven't written in a while and my mind and spirit can tell.  It is a sort of catharsis, or therapy even, to just punch out on the keyboard what my mind can sometimes not even categorize to file away. 
So many things have changed in what feels almost like a whirlwind that I have no control or power over.  I have a job.  After 7 years at home I am now, once again, part of the working world.  And WHEW  had I forgotten what that world was like.
These last 7 years I have changed so much.  I have confronted my abuse and found a way to deal and cope.  I have removed temptations from my life in the safe environment of my own little nest, and found great relationship with and comfort from my Lord and Savior.  But I had no idea how sheltered from the World I truly was. God gave me a gift that I wasn't even aware of til not.  Not only was my home a nursery for my growing and developing children; it was also a nursery for mu growing and …