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Teen sex or any age premarital sex

These ideas have been turning over in my mind for months if not years now.  This isn't the first and wont be the last time I voice my views on premarital and especially premarital teen sex--but I was just slapped in the face.  This analogy could be expanded and far more thought out--that was my plan for a future post on this topic but it seems that now is the right time.
I was skimming over the top stories on CNN and came across a clip about a teen couple losing their virginity on 'Glee'.  I don't watch 'Glee' and don't know the character's names but it was supposedly 2 of the main characters.  The clip that I saw the girl stated that 'she wanted to remember this moment forever'--my argument is that unfortunately she will.
I lost my virginity at the age of 17 and regret it deeply.  I try so very hard to explain why I regret it to teenaged girls today.  However, sometimes my spiritual explanations of tearing your heart, and purity and preparing f…