Teen sex or any age premarital sex

These ideas have been turning over in my mind for months if not years now.  This isn't the first and wont be the last time I voice my views on premarital and especially premarital teen sex--but I was just slapped in the face.  This analogy could be expanded and far more thought out--that was my plan for a future post on this topic but it seems that now is the right time.
I was skimming over the top stories on CNN and came across a clip about a teen couple losing their virginity on 'Glee'.  I don't watch 'Glee' and don't know the character's names but it was supposedly 2 of the main characters.  The clip that I saw the girl stated that 'she wanted to remember this moment forever'--my argument is that unfortunately she will.
I lost my virginity at the age of 17 and regret it deeply.  I try so very hard to explain why I regret it to teenaged girls today.  However, sometimes my spiritual explanations of tearing your heart, and purity and preparing for your prince charming sometimes fall short to reach the ears of youngsters who may not yet be mature in their faith or are submerged too deeply into this broken world to grasp the gravity of the loss....
So here I go. 

Girls, Boys--Christians or not...Have you watched Harry Potter?  Do you understand the concept of a horcrux? That is what premarital sex does to you.  You are intended to enter into marriage with your whole soul (heart).  When this plan is followed marriage and marital sex are blissful, innocent and AMAZING!  However, each time you go a little further, and a little further and eventually all the way, every one of those acts-- and every different partners you share those acts with--each form what you have seen explained in those movies as a horcrux.  You are ripping apart your soul and giving it to people that when they leave your life they take that part with them.  You WILL forever remember.  You WILL forever dream.  You WILL forever regret.
My husband came to our marriage with his heart intact.  He was whole.  I was broken.  He gave himself to me 100%.  I wanted to do the same.  But I was left with only 60%.  I gave him 100% of the 60% that I had left, but 40% of my heart no longer belonged to me--so it was no longer mine to give.  I love him.  I love him more than ANY of my past partners, boyfriends, crushes etc...but those 'horcrux' have already been formed.  And just like in Harry Potter they CAN be destroyed, but only by a strong Christian faith and a relationship with Christ.  I have been married for 10 years and I am still working to destroy the power those long thrown away pieces of my heart have over me.
It isn't worth it.  Sex is good!  But it is not like you have been brainwashed by media to believe it to be.  Trust me.  Sex needs trust, communication, partnership and time--none of the things easily attainable by secretive, sneeky teenaged sex.   It just isn't the way sex was meant to be. Sex is best when you can close your eyes and only see the image of the man you want to love with your WHOLE heart and not the faces of  nameless mistakes.  Don't allow those ghosts to enter into your future marriage.  Don't destroy your wholeness by forming powerful spiritual bonds with someone you will grow apart from.  Save it.  Save it for the man who is waiting on you right now and saving HIS whole heart just for you.  Trust me, You WILL want to give HIM your 100%


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