HCG VCLD day 3--6.11lb total loss

I am now on Day 4 of the HCG VCLD diet using homeopathic drops.  This morning I registered a 1.3 lb loss.  That is a total of 6.11 lb total loss since Tuesday--not too SHABBY!
My meals from yesterday:
breakfast: 2 cups coffe with milk and truvia
lunch: sausage link, baby spinach
snack:  another sausage link at 4pm (kinda a cheat)
dinner:  brat, sausage and sauerkraut with green salad (dry)
snack:  3 servings fruit salad (no sugar or added syrup)

I feel like I indulged yesterday.  Thursdays and my Tulips lady bible study nights.  I head over to a friend's house and she feeds us before our class.  She is German and can COOK up a STORM!!! 
I am very pleased with the 1.3 lb loss from yesterday! 


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