Why Do Our Loved Ones Die, Aunt Lou? review by Annie Eskeldson

Artist and author, Rachel Stolle, deserves our applause for creating her latest children's book, Why Do Loved Ones Die, Aunt Lou? Rachel's character, Aunt Lou, is the warm, safe, person we all long for in our life. Her delightful kitchen is always open, she has an understanding of grief and, thankfully, has all the right answers. Stolle's heavenly, swirling, paintings are knitted with healing, comforting, words of wisdom; and not just any words, but God's Words. Rachel's heartfelt illustrations will easily captivate the eyes of children while her Biblical story, through Aunt Lou, captures and mends little broken hearts. No matter what age your child may be, this is a must have in your library!

Rachel Stolle is also the author/illustrator of Why Did This Happen To Me, Aunt Lou, and Tell Me About Easter, Aunt Lou. Mrs. Stolles books can be found at Aunt Lou's Kitchen website at www.auntloubooks.weebly.com

by Annie Eskeldson - author of the Ashi's Gift Series. Children's books about autism that also nurture the parent.


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