HCG day10--protocol day 11---2 lbs UP

So here goes---painful honesty.  I have gained 2 lbs.  Day before yesterday I did great until dinner.  It i grocery week so the cupboards were low and my dinner options were looking bleak....I broke down and ate Chinese take out and drank diet soda.
I immediately regretted it.  Isn't it funny how the thought of food is usually so much more pleasing and enjoyable than the actual food itself.  I couldn't even finish my dinner.  I did eat my sweet and sour chicken but only like 3 bites of my fried rice.  In addition to the take out I ate a PB&J before bed.  :(
I have such poor self-control.
Well, not only am I trying to lose weight for the aesthetic benefits but my health is also an issue.  I suffer from several autoimmune disorders and usually have extreme amounts of swelling.  I swell to the point that my feet feel like they will pop and I cannot form a fist with my hands.  These symptoms seem to diminish on the HCG diet.  I have come to the conclusion that sugar, starches, sodas and high fat or fried foods aggravate my symptoms. 
I honestly feel alot better on a restricted diet--but at the same time I am an emotional eater.  I have spent years managing my fatigue with sugar and caffeine...only to crash shortly after and need another 'fix'.  When I feel bad I just want that little boost of endorphins from eating chocolate or something else yummy.  It feels freeing to just 'let go' and eat what I want when I want---my body is paying the price for that weakness.
I spent all day yesterday in bed because I thought I NEEDED Chinese food---which wasn't even that good.  Swelling is slowing going away but I am still up two pounds from 2 days ago.
Total loss thus far---11 lbs
Not too shabby, so I will keep my chin up.  Today is a new day and I am going to look for my comfort in the Lord.
Good luck fellow HCGers...we can do this thing


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