CVS coupon trip and rainchecks

So I decided to try my hand at CVS today.  I have couponed for a while now but just hadn't wanted to add another store to my stops.  But the deals just seemed great.  Here is what I did.
I separated my order into 2 purchases.
My first purchase I bought my items that earned the ecb's (extra care bucks).  ECBs are printed at the register after your purchase and are same as cash for future purchases.  I bought Zyrtec for 5.99 and used a $4 off coupon.  I paid $1.99 for it and earned $5 ECBs (they paid me to bring it home).
I also bought 2 covergirl natureluxe lipstick for $7 each and used a $5 off 2 coupon...making them $4.50 each.  I also bouth other cover girl items totaling $15 before mfg coupons and that earned me $5 ecbs.  I them took advantage of another ecb earning sale in which i bought $10 worth of crest and oral b products.  I had mfg coupons for these items as well lowering what I paid from $10 to about $5 but still earned the ecbs.  I spent a total of $29.72 for that purchase, and earned $15 in ecbs printed after my first purchase.  I then turned around and used those ecbs on my next 'order'.
I then purchased 6 boxes of colgate toothpaste.  It was a store bogo deal and I had $1 off for each that I bought.  So they rang up $6 for 6 toothpastes.  Then I purchased 2 bags of dove dark choc with almond individual wrapped candies.  They were buy 1 get one for 1 cent.  I had coupons for $1 off so they ran up $3.99 for 2 bags.  I also took advantage of another candy deal of the hershey drop candies bogo for 1 cent.  I had a $2 off 2 coupon so they rang up $2.29 for 2 bags.  I had a coupon or buy 1 suave body wash get 1 free and used that as well.  My girls wanted tictacs at checkout and I got a drink. 
With my coupons and ecbs from my last order I got $36 worth of stuff for $3.55!!!  WHOO HOO!
Now, I had a few more items that I wanted to get that they were out of so I got 3 rainchecks.  One for bayer advanced that earned $1 ecb and I have a coupon so I will pay only $1.50 for it so it is basically free.  I also needed to get 2 motirn pm...I have a coupon so I will pay only $6 for 2 and I will earn $6 ecbs.  I plan to then use the $7 ecbs from that purchase to buy the other item that I got a raincheck for...softscrub toilet cleaner...SIX of them!!  They are on sale 2 for $5 (limit of 3) and I have a coupon for bogo I will get 6 of them for $7.50  WHOO HOO!  I will spend 7.50 and get 7.50 free!


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