HCG VCLD day 8--13 total lbs lost

One more pound shed!  YAY!
Meals from yesterday:
coffee for breakfast with milk and sugar free creamer.  I am out of truvia til we go to grocery store on friday
lunch:  tilapia, hot dog weiner and baby spinach
snack: tortilla (cheat)
dinner:  2 fried bologne and scrambled egg
coffee again in the evening

Have had an insatiable thirst for water....drinking ALOT to counter it.
Here is to another diet day!


The Herings said…
Just happened across your blog. I'm starting phase 2 today and was looking for some encouragement. : ) Funny thing-- I am a high school teacher turned SAHM like you too. I live outside Dallas now and love crafting too (and I love the Lord, too!). : ) Good luck! I'll check in and see how you are doing!

Stolle Family said…
Thanks for stopping by Jamie! We have alot in common. Good luck to you with HCG, it is great! I did cheat tonight with chinese takout but I know I can get bck on the bandwagon tomorrow. You can do it! :)
David bone said…
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