HCG VLCD day 1 results

I am on day 2 of the VLCD diet with HCG Homeopathic drops. Day 1 results:  FOUR pounds lost.
So far no hunger pains.  I don't usually over-eat from hunger, it is usually boredom, stress or self-sabotage.
My menu from yesterday:
breakfast:  2 cups of coffee each with truvia and milk (I am not obsessive about the 1tsp of MILK rule)
snack:  melba toast
lunch:  3 slices of turkey lunch meat rolled with baby spinach inside, apple, unsweet tea
snack:  strawberries with truvia
dinner:  grilled chicken breast, baby spinach
and a cup of hot green tea before bed
LOTS of water throughout the day
It is going good and I am looking forward to this as a weight loss aide and a long-term dietary  plan.  I suffer from psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, bulging cervical dics and chronic fatigue.  This i my second go at the HCG plan and the no diet soda and sugar rule effects my symptoms DRAMATICALLY!!! My swelling is greatly reduced and my pain is diminished.


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