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Intentional words

As a Christian, I try to go out of my way to encourage others that I DON'T have it all together, or even all figured out. I think it is very important to be honest about your faults and weaknesses so that we can be true to scripture and allow iron to sharpen iron.
Going back into the working world, I knew that words in general and gossip in specific would be great points of contention for me. For one thing I don't think I have defined for myself what exactly falls into the category of gossip. Is it negative statements true or false about a specific person or group? Is is only things known from hearsay and not first person? Can reporting a negative fact about a person be classified as gossip? Can a noticeable refusal to answer a specific question about a person be labeled as indirect gossip? Is it only false statements or those whose nature are unknown? I don't know the answer.
Truth be told, I feel that I have gossiped and this brings be great grief.  It undermines all tha…

Open Book: God is Good and Big enough to release me

I am and always have been an open book--transparent to my core, and at times, to a fault.  Now is no exception.  I have through all of my soul searching and healing always made it clear that I am NOT perfect and I DO NOT have it all figured out.  That is still the case.  I am not writing this to toot my own horn--On the contrary, I am wanting to give God the glory for two mind-blowingly amazing victories that He has blessed me with.
With that said, I will just shamelessly dive right in.  I struggle with depression, PTSD, pain and so many more 'conditions' that I just don't even have the energy or desire to list them all.  I do believe that most of these ailments have been spiritual warfare and attacks due to my desire for light and truth to shine into me and my life.  If you know my testimony, you know what all I am referring to.
I have been on antidepressants off and on for 7 years, and my most recent stint on them has lasted a bit over 5 years.  The last time that I cam…