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I am sitting here this morning sipping my coffee, watching the rain and thinking. I have alot on my mind lately.
First and foremost is my commitment to Lent this year. I have given up sweets/desserts for 40 non-sundays so that I may keep the temptation of Jesus at the fore-front of my mind during this pre-easter season. I must admit that I have not been perfect in this endeavor. I have cheated at least twice that I will admit to myself. I try to rationalize it to myself as a weekday off instead of Sunday. I know in my heart that this defeats the purpose. I also try telling myself that God understands that I am NOT perfect as Jesus was...but still a part of me feels guilty and a part of me feels proud. Proud? Why? Well I see my use of sweets in a different light now that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am not tyring to make excuses for myself but I am trying to be realistic with myself. Sweets were an addiction for me...or I should say are an addiction for me. The cehmical …


I spent my Saturday evening watching local police chase a suspect through 3 backyards, into 1 vacant home and into the back of another. The police had been called out twice by two different neighbors about the same suspicious behavior. Indeed there was an issue.
The cars rolled onto the street and neighbors congregated in their front yards all aghast and slightly entertained. One male and one female officer became frustrated with the subject after a short interchance full of boasting and threatening--they fired one shot. The perpetrater wasnt even stunned. The negotiations continued and another shot. Still the perp wasnt phased. The male officer became irate and hit the suspect with a shovel. The perp still menaced. TWO MORE SHOTS FOLLOWED. The last one was fatal and came from a rifle.
Although brutal, gory and scary, I dont think you will see this story on the local news, or on their web channels--rabid skunks dont seem to make good crime stories

Rhematologist appointment

So after waiting 3 months I had my first appointment with Dr Fung today.
Right off the bat he said he saw some real issues in my family history-i.e. Lupus, ITP, Diabetes, Scarlet fever etc etc.
I was very pleased with the appointment. He spent a good amount of time with me and asked thorough questions. I really feel like he listened to my craziness.
After reviewing my chart and looking me over he told me there were 3 big issues at this point that he could see causing me problems.
1. My psoriasis was leading to psoratic arthritis and I am double jointed and that that alone causes mild joint pain
2.I definately have pre-lupus symptoms if not the disease. He is testig my ANA.
3. This is the doozie. He thinks I almost definately have fibromyalgia.
I dont know much about this disease. Wit my background in biology, premed courses, genetics and anatomy and physiology I almost always know the disease and symptoms...but this one I dont know much about.
So far this is the best of what I have come…