I spent my Saturday evening watching local police chase a suspect through 3 backyards, into 1 vacant home and into the back of another. The police had been called out twice by two different neighbors about the same suspicious behavior. Indeed there was an issue.
The cars rolled onto the street and neighbors congregated in their front yards all aghast and slightly entertained. One male and one female officer became frustrated with the subject after a short interchance full of boasting and threatening--they fired one shot. The perpetrater wasnt even stunned. The negotiations continued and another shot. Still the perp wasnt phased. The male officer became irate and hit the suspect with a shovel. The perp still menaced. TWO MORE SHOTS FOLLOWED. The last one was fatal and came from a rifle.
Although brutal, gory and scary, I dont think you will see this story on the local news, or on their web channels--rabid skunks dont seem to make good crime stories


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