Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Once upon a @(*^&$E#*&@@) !... (part 2)

So I met with my rheumatologist today, I am going to be brief because the drive and visit completely wore me out.  I must say that I am so very thankful for an understanding and patient physician.  He listened while I walked him through the whole schpheel, asked a few questions and this is the answer I got.

Having the flu in March suppressed/messed up my immune system to the point that I became more susceptible to infections.  The parade of infections that followed have now culminated into a super-infection that is no longer responding to basic antibiotics.  He instructed me to remain off the methotrexate because it will only worsen my healing and gave me a new antibiotic RX to get me through til Monday.  Monday I will see an infection disease physician to come up with a long term treatment plant to eradicate the underlying infections.

Continued prayers are welcomed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Once upon a @(*^&$E#*&@@) !...

Let me tell you a story.  I haven't 'babbled' in quite a while and when I get really low it seems that, along with God, writing gives me great comfort.  It is extremely cathartic. 

So I will begin at the beginning.  Last summer I suffered sever sprain in my left ankle, the 6th total. I had to have surgery and the details of that are a story for another day. But long story short, I have not been well for any long period of time since the surgery. I could walk through all of the insane ins and outs of it all but I will focus on these last three to four weeks simply because otherwise it is simply too much to try to convey in one post.
So to begin with, I started having severe headaches, to the point that my teeth hurt and pretty constant nosebleeds.  I headed in to my GP who diagnosed a sinus infection and prescribed a round of cephalexin.  Because of my methotrexate use due to my psoriatic arthritis I can only be prescribed certain antibiotics because some can cause methotrexate toxicity.

Well because methotrexate slows healing, I have to stop it anytime I undergo a procedure or have an infection, so at this point I stopped my weekly dose. 

About a week later, I was still bleeding from my nose and now had a very raw sore throat which I thought was strep (one of my daughters were sick at this same time and I thought we both had it). I returned to the doctor only to find out that I still had a sinus infection and drainage from it was causing my nasal passages to leak and be inflamed--the sore throat was from the drainage (my kid had allergy drainage as well).  I was then prescribed cefdinar to try to clear up the sinus infection for a second time.  After about 3 days, I starting coughing very badly and just called the GP rather than going in--she called benzonatate into the pharmacy to help with the cough and said to keep on with the antibiotics and all should be well.  I was supplementing with  several OTC cough meds at this point too as well as Benadryl.

I waited four days and the cough continued to worsen to the point of gagging, wheezing and vomiting. Frustrated with my GPs ability to get me well, I went in to urgent care for the cough.  He immediately diagnosed me with bronchitis and said the reason I wasn't getting better was because the antibiotic the GP gave for my sinus infection wouldn't clear up the bacteria associated with bronchitis.  He then wrote me ANOTHER RX for antibiotics and said to take it with what I was already on.  This antibiotic was Doxycycline.  He also prescribed codein cough meds, since the OTC stuff I had been taking had not touched the cough, and 2 different inhalers since the bronchitis had inflamed my asthma. It was at this point I thought I better get my rheumatologist involved and made an appointment for Wednesday the next week. I took my 2 diff antibiotics and my cough meds all weekend with hopes of returning to work on Monday. At this point I am 3 weeks off methotrexate.

--Mind you I have missed ridiculous amounts of work at this point in the year due to surgery, methotrexate withdrawls, recovery, flu, misc illness etc.

Weekend went well with lots of rest, so I stopped the cough meds so I could return to work--codein makes me loopy.  Almost immediately after coming off the cough meds, I began to feel nauseous.  I suffered through work Monday with a trashcan by my desk, and as soon as I made it home I began to have severe intestinal distress--IT WAS BAD.  I was having a reaction to the doxycycline that had before been masked by the constipation causing narcotic cough med.  Once I realized it, I called the urgent care doc who called in new antibiotics for me.

So here is where I get ticked.  I skipped my meds Tuesday morning and Jason picked up the new antibiotic after work.  I hadn't eaten all day due to the continued nausea.  As soon as I opened the bag I laughed in frustration.  What did he prescribe? Cefdinir--the same RX I was already on from the GP that HE, the urgent care doc, told me wouldn't clear up the bronchitis--I am still hacking my lungs out at this point.

I am now 3.5 weeks off Methotrexate. (withdrawl from these meds cause me to live in a mental fog, stutter, feel lethargic more than usual and swell beyond imagination)

Luckily I made the rhemytologist appt the week before, and will see him tomorrow.  I'm not even going to call the urgent care doc back--urgent care is great in a bind. but you totally lose the intimacy and personal care that you get from a GP or long-term care doc.  I am just going to take this hot mess of a story to my doc tomorrow and ask him to help me get well--whatever it takes.

I realize some people have never dealt with chronic illness so I would like to put things into a little perspective for you.
Here are the meds I have taken over the last 3-4 weeks just for the infections.

These are the antibiotics alone:

Here are ALL the meds I have taken over the last 3-4 weeks for infection AND my long term autoimmune issues.

I am so frustrated, fatigued, exhausted and just mentally and physically ready to give up...I am not a crier and I have been crying every night as that is when the coughing gets worse.  I don't know if you've ever had a bad cough AND diarreah but lets just say it isn't pleasant. 
I should be exuding antibodies from my pores at this point but cannot get well.  I know what spiritual warfare is and the power prayer has against it.  I know that surgery can set off autoimmune issues, I have experienced this before--but never for this long of a consecutive period of sickness.  Please pray for wisdom for my doctor tomorrow and divine healing for WHATEVER is happening with me.

Link to part two and diagnosis:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

MoDRN day 5--research platform presentations

Our group discovered just what we expected.  Many companies market their products as green with labeling etc without actually having been held to any green standards.  The only products that have been tested to meet green chemistry standards are those with the EPA safer choice label.

So this last day of MoDRN at Baylor University was great.  All the groups worked on their platform presentations that morning and presented after lunch.  As far as the findings go, they were very interesting and unpredictable between product groups.  We found that the insect repellent marketed as green was indeed less toxic,  however, in the case of body wash green marketing did not exactly mean less toxic (to D.magna)
For example, we showed these two examples of product marketing and asked the audience to pick which one they would buy if they were looking for a green product.  Everyone chose Simple Green, however, Odoban actually has the EPA safer choice logo meaning that it has been tested and help to the EPA standards that the Simple Green may or may not meet.
So consumers beware.  The people who market items are sneaky smart and sometimes although they use naturally derived chemicals, those chemicals may be more toxic than their synthetic counterparts.
So how do we make informed safer choices?
  • Look for the safer choice label
  • Research the active/top 5 ingredients listed in the products you are thinking of buying and see what the MSDS or SDS sheets (available online) say about them
  • Don't fall for packaging or claims of 'natural' if there is no science to back it up
Next week we will be moving to the Baylor Research Innovation and collaboration center (BRIC), as well as the Waco Wetlands, and turning what we did in week 1 into useable lessons to take back into high schools.  Ill keep you posted!
Shout to to one of my students La Vega Early College High School students who took the extra credit opportunity and came to sit through all of the platform presentations.  He and his mom left far more enlightened about their household chemical purchases.
One really neat unexpected thing that has come of the platform presentations is my 9 year old daughter's new-found interest in green chemistry.  After sitting through 4 platform presentations she has approached me several times this weekend with products her fathers bought while grocery shopping and talked through her own hypotheses and experimental design. One in particular was a  I tank toilet bowl cleaner that claims to kill 98% of bacteria. She said, " Hey mom, look at this. It says it kills bacteria, I bet it would be toxic to Daphnia too!". How cool is that?!?!

I would have added photos but Blogger isn't cooperating tonight so I will try again later!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

MoDRN HS research project Day 4

So I will start today by reiterating how much of a blubbering goof I am. To begin with, I broke the salad tongs at lunch, apparently I do not know my own strength.  Then after halfway filling my soup bowl I dropped my entire bowl upside down back into the soup serving true colors are showing!  Then to top it all off--today I rocked a new Hawaiian style maxi dress that my husband picked up for me yesterday.  I did a double take in the mirror this morning and briefly thought the cut was kinda weird so I threw a cardigan over it and went about my day.  It was only after spending a full day with normal, legitimate, intellectual people that I realized I had gone ALL DAY with my fabulous new dress ON BACKWARDS!  Needless to say I AM RIDICULOUS!

Now, on with the science!

So today we began with a lecture over poster presentation and then had about 2 hours to begin working on data input using EXCEL and generating our platform presentations.
After my lunch shenanigans, we came back together in the lab for the last time to do our 48 hour data collections over the survival/morbidity rates of our Daphnia in their treatment solutions and the salt control.
After we were done in the lab, one of the PhD students held a lecture over how to use the TRAP program to calculate our Lc 50 values. These data points allow us to interpret toxicity of the 2 compounds.  We calculated Lc calculations for both substance A and substance B at 24 and 48 hours.
Our team worked through excel to generate 3 data tables that we will use in our final platform presentation AND then there was the great reveal of the 2 products we tested. 

I wont share that yet.  If you are curious you should come to BSB A436 tomorrow at 1 for the presentations.
Tonight my team split up some of the power point sections to work on as homework so that we can use our 3 hours before presentations tomorrow to clean it up, add photos and practice.  Excited with our results and excited to share what we found!
Title of presentation: Comparative Acute Toxicity of Green vs. Non-green Insect Repellents
Toxicity of consumer insect repellents to Daphnia magna over 24 and 48 hours

Compare green and non-green insect repellent toxicity levels

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MoDERN HS Teacher Workshop days 1-3

So it hit me today in lab that I should be blogging about my experiences with MoDRN at Baylor University.  I am 3 days in but I will try to cover days 1-3 here and henceforth blog daily.
So back in the 2014 school year I applied for the MoDRN teacher lab experience and research opportunity with Baylor University, Yale and 2 schools out of Washington.  I was chosen for the program and started this Monday July 6, 2015.
Of course I can't just do something like this program gracefully and/or at 100% so for good measure I went ahead and sprained my ankle Thursday after the last day of ECHS at La Vega.  So I've been hopping around all week.  It honestly, other than being an annoyance, hasn't caused any issues for me.
Monday was spent predominately on paper work and background lectures with Dr. Brooks from the Environmental Science dept at Baylor.  Tuesday we began again with a short lecture and were divided up into our lab groups and assigned to our PhD students.  The jist of the project is focusing on green chemistry and specifically the differences in toxicity on daphnia (About Daphnia Video) for OTC household items labeled either 'green' or with no 'green' product labeling or claims.  The groups are blind to which product is labeled green and which product is not. The groups chose their specific product from either body wash, laundry detergent, bug repellant and one other that I cannot remember for the life of me.
My group chose bug repellant in hopes that we could see some really cool and marked results.
On Tuesday we did serial dilutions of our two substances, substance A and substance B.  Our dilution range was .1%-.00063% with controls for each using RHW (reconstituted hard water).Once our dilutions were complete it was time to start loading our specimen cups.  For each dilution of both substance we ran 4 different trials each containing the % dilution and 5 healthy daphnia.  My group and I are now pros as extracting neonate daphnia from solution with a cut off disposable micropipette--it is as tedious as it sounds but somehow also relaxing.
Once both test groups were labeled and loaded they were placed in the incubator. We then set up a second control using NaCl and RHW, with a control set, and loaded with five neonate daphnia in order to compare our two substance trials.  This too was placed in the incubator. I will note here that we did collect data on all 3 of these sets for the 0 hour before placing them in the incubator.
Wednesday began with a short lecture over water chemistry and we were right back in the lab.  For the dilutions we created on Tuesday we had to work out the water chemistry details.  We titrated to find hardness of both substance A and B using a color indicator and recorded all of our data.  We used probes to measure Dissolved oxygen levels of all % for both substances.  Then we measured conductivity and pH etc.  The last titration we completed prompted our lab team to dub ourselves "TEAM TITRATION"--we knocked those 2 titrations out of the park!!! Aftre finishing our water chemistry, we did our 24 hour examination of or salt control and 2 substances.  I wont give away any findings yet.  There will be an ice cream social after presentations on Friday in BSB A.401. We then ended with a 1 hour lecture over professional powerpoint presentations as this is what we will be working on tomorrow after we work through all of our data.
Some things I have found fun/interesting this week have been the use of substances like EtOH and Methanol as sterilizing cleaners.  I have learned ALOT more about the life cycle, appearance and behavior of water fleas, Daphnia, than I ever thought possible.  I really want to find time and a way for my students to experience all of the equipments, procedures and protocols that I have experienced this week.  I know that I am a nerd but it has been SUPER fun!!!
Video about other organisms used by this lab


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Social Media Challenge: Getting your students to engage at home with review materials

Ok, so it's that time of year!  STAAR is here!!  Just like every year I teach my heart out.  I worry myself sick, and work myself to the bone hitting and re-teaching teks all the way up until April.  Then it is review time.  I spend 1-2 weeks making a STAAR review folder/manipulative with my students that contains concise and dense material for them to engage and review.  However, I always struggle to find ways to get them to use it outside of the classroom.  We do processing activities with it in class and review the information as we add it to the folder, but It just never feels like enough.  Yesterday something hit me.

I call it the Social Media Challenge.  Basically,  students earn different levels of points for posting information about the science STAAR test to any social media outlet.  I give 1-2 points for pics, 2 points for certain hashtags (so I can track their posts, without connecting with them on social media, with  free programs like keyhole), then the biggies are 4 points for a science fact they need to know for STAAR and 20 points for a homemade video explaining a concept.  OH...EM...GEEEEEEEE!  My students went berserk!
They were filming each other...teaching each other...digging into their interactive notebooks and STAAR review folders in ways that I have never witnessed before.  And here is what kills me....all for fast food.  The incentive for this is that I will buy lunch for the kiddo with the most points (that they can prove they have earned) by the morning of the STAAR test.  One student has already earned over 1000 points and is still finding things to post.
Not only are they studying, but they are teacher each other in the process and my heart is singing with joy.  We will see if this pays off on scores, but just for student engagement and excitement I say that this idea is a keeper

Friday, March 14, 2014

Be Still and Know...

I sit awake.
 I am the last one in the house who hasn't fallen asleep, and my mind just continues to replay the events of the last few days.  I have tried all sorts of things to calm myself and as a last resort I am turning back to my writing as a form of therapy.
So here goes...

Raeleigh nearly died and God saved her. 
It was a normal spring break day.  We got up to go to the dentist to get our twice a year family cleaning.  This is a big ordeal since we schedule all of our appointments truly is a family affair.  It took a few hours to get all 4 of us worked through.  The girls and I made a quick trip to the exotic animal store for mill worms and crickets for toothless, our bearded dragon.  Then on the way home I swung through Bush's to get the girls 2 tender rolls, gravy and fries.  I had lunch in the fridge at home.
We intended to have a picnic, but decided it was too windy once we got home,so everyone just ate inside.  I had finished my black bean soup, Reese had finished and gone to play, and Rae was still at the kitchen bar nibbling away at her meal.  I was tired so I laid down on the couch.
About 4 or 5 minutes later Raeleigh came in to tell me she was itching.  Now we have had a few rounds of mild hives from an unknown food allergy but they had always been just that, mild.  I had anaphalaxis as a child, and my attacks were never life threatening either.  Usually just a dose of Benadryl and all was well. 
Raeleigh is super diligent about letting us know if she suspects she is breaking out, and I am so very grateful for that.  However, to be honest, it kinda leads to me taking it less seriously because of all the false alarms.  So I call her over to take a look and she does indeed have 2-3 whelps and I tell her I will get the Benadryl in just a second. 
I get up off the couch to go grab the benadrly and we are out.  We do have Claritin for children (her sister takes that every day) so I give her a dose of that.  By this time the whelps have spread and it is turning into full-body hives.  I take her to the couch to cuddle thinking that all will pass in a few minutes.  When we get to the couch she just starts crying and saying how badly it itches.  I try to calm her but she becomes more and more panicked and agitated.  Then she begins to vomit.  I yell to sister to bring the trash can and Rae vomits what had to have been almost the entirety of her stomach contents.  I jump up and tell her we need to go get a bath.  She says, "Mommy I can't, I feel like I am going to die".  I say "Baby you have to you are covered in throw up."
I walk to the bathroom to get the water started, and I hear her whimpering behind me.  I turn to help her undress and she loses consciousness and falls to the floor hitting her head on the door frame on the way down.
At this point I realize that this is not her run-of-the-mill mild reaction; this was something altogether different.  I swoop her up in my arms and yell to Reese to call 911.  Reese freaks and starts running around screaming looking for my cell phone.  I take Rae into the kitchen and she wakes up and says "I'm ok mommy".  I take a sigh of relief and set her down on the floor to get a towel to wash her face.  She faints again.  She is in her panties because she was about to take a bath so I yell to Reese to find her some close we have to go to ER.  At this point Reese brings me my cell phone and is trying to call dad, but she entered the number wrong and doesn't know how to delete errors on my cell.  I tell her to put it down and just go get clothes for Rae.  I am thinking we can drive to hospital faster than ambulance can get to us so that was my plan.  I grab the epipen (thank GOD it was above the stove) inject her, and call Jason.  I told him Rae had a reaction, it was bad, I gave her epi and we are going to hospital, he says ok and I hang up.  Then it starts...
Rae is sitting on bar in kitchen and collapses again but this time it is more than just fainting.  Her body is lifeless, no muscle tone, her pupils are dilated, she is vomiting but her teeth are clinched closed...she is drowning in her own vomit.  I pick up the house phone and dial 911. 
While giving specifics to the operator I realize Rae has completely stopped breathing (her airway is completely blocked).  I turn her on her side and pry her teeth open.  She is clenching so tightly that I have to go all the way back behind her molars to the small space between gums and get my fingers through there and work then up across her teeth to the front of her mouth.  Once I get under her incisors I pry open the mouth and clean out her mouth.  But it isn't enough.  She still isn't breathing.  I scream at the 911 lady to hurry please hurry, and I do what any mother would do.  I pry her mouth open once more and clear her airway as deep as I can with my fingers.  I was so afraid I was hurting her.  I felt like I was being so rough with her tiny little body but there was no option.  I had to be rough or she would die.  So I clear her out as deep as I can reach but still nothing.  Her chest isn't moving.  She still isn't breathing.  I drop the phone and I start breathing for her.  One breath...pause...two mind is racing.  What if I am hurting her worse.  I am not formally CPR trained.  I know the jist of it, but I am not confident in my ability to administer it.  What if I am forcing the vomit into her lungs? 
But I made my decision and I was just going to have to stick with it.  There was nothing else that could be done.  I pry her jaw open again, clear her airway with my finger and third breath...pause.  Then it silently hits me.
I cannot save my child.
There she is on the kitchen counter covered in hives and vomit and I can't do anything for her.  I have used all the tricks in my very small bag and she still isn't ok...what can I do? What can I do? andI realize.
I can do nothing....
But God can.
So I just stop.  "Be still and know that I am God" is whispered to my spirit and I just pray.  I pray healing, I pray breath, I pray consciousness over my daughter.  I proclaim that by the blood of Jesus whatever is afflicting her will be cast out.  And I pick up the phone.
I calmly ask, "Are you still there?", I ask and the operator replies with a "yes".
I roll Rae to her back and there it is.  Her chest is moving.  SHE IS BREATHING.  I scream to the operator, "SHE"S BREATHING".
She tells me to tilt her head back to keep her airway open and asks if she is conscious.  She was semiconscious.  I would call her state catatonic.  She didn't breathe for about a minute so I was terrified if she would ever really come back to me.
Reese comes in crying.  She doesn't want her sister to die.  I tell her to lay her hands on Rae and pray.  So she does.
I start trying to talk to Rae.  She is breathing and her eyes are open but there is no muscle tone in her body, her pupils are dilated, her eyes are rolled back and she isn't responding to anything.  I pop her cheeks softly to see if it elicits a response, and nothing.  So I just keep talking.  She slowly starts to breath deeper and deeper.  And Reese gets real close and calls her name.
PRAISE BE TO GOD...Rae raises her head focuses her eyes on Reese and lays back down. The voice of her big sister was the first thing she would respond to.  Such a sweet testament to the power in that bond.
 This is good.  She lays her head back down and swallows a few times.  I am thinking now, was I so rough that I hurt her voice box?  Can she talk?  So I ask her if she can talk and she nods her head no.  but now she is responding to speech.  So Reese and I just keep talking to her.  The lady tells me EMTs are getting close...It has been 5-7 minutes by this point so I holler at Reese to put the dogs up and open the garage door.
I just keep talking to Rae.  She finally answers a question with a small lil grunt so I know she can at least make some sort of a noise now. 
Then I hear the first round of angels.  It is the China Spring VFD.  There were at least 2 of them. I hang up with 911.  I don't remember much, but I remember a sweet older man who told Rae she could call him poppy or pops or something like that.  She finally starting replying to us in words but she was still unable to move anything other than her head and neck.  EMT's arrive next.  They very quickly start hooking Rae up to oxygen, taking my statement and taking her vitals.  I never let go of her head.  I just couldn't.
The sweet VFD man was the first to see her feet.  I didn't realize at the time because I was so absorbed in her from the neck up, but her ankles were so discolored and mottled that it looked like they both had just been seriously sprained.  I am guessing this was from lack of oxygen.
It is clear by now that she is stable so EMTs load her onto the gurney.  Her tiny body was like a limp noodle as they moved her from the counter top.
I couldn't ride with her because I had Reese.  This was so super hard, but I had to let them take her without me.  They told me they would be riding with lights and sirens and that I could follow them, I handed Rae her favorite stuffed animal and placed her in their care.  So they take her out and I grab shoes and a sweater and Reese and I are out the door.
I had heard sirens so I assumed they were already ahead of us.  So we fly past all the emergency vehicles still in our driveway and book it to Hillcrest.  My car had wings that day.
While I was on with 911 operator Reese had tried to call Jason on cellphone and was struggling so 911 lady volunteered to call him.  He was waiting for us at hospital but knew no details.  In the chaos I didn't know who I had told what.  SO I called the pastor and told him the quick story and asked him to get a prayer chain started.  Unfortunately Jason learned about the seriousness of the episode from that email.  I didn't realize that I had not yet told him she passed out and quit breathing.
When I arrived at the hospital I saw him sitting right outside the ER.  I walked to him as quickly as I could and asked how she was...what he answered shook me to my core.  She wasn't there.
I heard them leave?
I didn't pass was she not there?
My on edge brain started going berserk!
We run in and talk to lady at the desk.  They haven't gotten a call from any ambulance coming in.  Rae is lost.
Jason has the number of the person who called him so he calls it back... he is on hold for what seems like forever and then I hear him say, "Ok, so 15 minutes away?".
She is on her way.  Then I realize what must have happened.  That ambulance I heard must have been replying to a second call and Rae must have been in the ambulance in my driveway that I blasted past.  So very scary for a few minutes.  But she arrived just fine.
Once at the hospital they administered another shot op epi and some steroids.  Poor Rae looked miserable.  She just kept shaking from all the adrenaline and her whole body was blood red.
Once I got face to face with a doc and laid out everything that happened, they admitted her.
I was so afraid that the food allergy had somehow triggered a second underlying condition.  The seizure seemed epileptic to me.  I had NEVER heard of anaphylactic shock causing an seizure and the admitting doctor hadn't either.  It was only after research that we discovered that all of her symptoms were from the allergy.  The vomiting, the loss of consciousness and the seizure can all be symptoms of extreme anaphylactic shock.
So here we are 2 days post incident and I can't rest.  Sleep alludes me.  My brain keeps replaying it over and over skipping a beat on all the what ifs...
What if this happened at school? We hadn't even taken an epi pen up there because her attacks had never been severe
What if I had gone with my first instinct and put her in the car?....I Could not have gotten her breathing again
What if that epipen hadn't been above the stove?...I don't even really know why it was there and the second one was with our meds in bathroom...what if I had to have gone looking for it???(by the was was by the grace of God that it still worked)
What if we didn't get that landline and my cell kept dropping the 911 call like it does every other call?
What if she would have been with strangers who weren't willing to give cpr through her vomit?
What if I had fallen asleep and didn't respond fast enough????
I know the answer...I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that God made sure everything was as it should be so lil Rae could live.  And I thank him for that.
Please continue to join me in prayer to cast out whatever ailment led to this episode.  I pray for healing for Rae.
We will be heading to her school Monday morning to get an action plan in place and educate them on her condition.  A visit to the allergist will also be next week.  (She has to be off Benadryl for at least 5 days to even be tested at allergist.) And in the meantime I will be trying to remember to "Be still and know that [He] is God" and get some sleep and calm my mind and stop my heart from racing without my permission.  Because God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

I write this to help myself move past that day but also for anyone else out there who has experienced anaphalactic shock with vomiting and seizures.  I never knew before that this could even happen.  So I hope that this may help someone else out there looking for answers.  I also write this because there are some amazing people that The Stolle family owes a HUGE thanks to...
China Spring VFD
ETMC 911 operator and EMTs
Hillcrest Hospital
Rae's big sister for all her help and heroics (needless to say we had a cell phone lesson that very night)
My sisters, Megan and Jackie, who drove all the way from East Texas to spend the night with us in the hospital and help keep Rae entertained and distracted (me too)
Robert and Carol Stolle for taking Reese that night
My mom and Dad who helped to keep me grounded and calm
Jeff Wyers for making that first plea for prayer and for being Rae's first visitor at the hospital
and EVERYONE who covered our family in prayer
I have no doubt that the power of prayer is a big reason why we are all still blessed with Rae's sweet smile and spirit.
I love you all and I pray you never have to experience anything like this, but if you do remember to "Be still and know that [He] is God".
~Psalm 46:10