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Rachel Stolle: Waco Child Care Examiner

I, Rachel Jeanette Hall Stolle, am now the Waco Child Care Examiner for is the fastest-growing local content network in the U.S., powered by the largest pool of knowledgeable contributors in the world. Our Examiners are passionate about a variety of topics and deliver thousands of articles to readers in 240 markets in North America.
They are on facebook at and online at simply

Here is some of the information that I received in my invitation email after my application was processed.

Who are Examiners?

Examiners are local insiders who are passionate about their topic and prolific in sharing information about it. Their credibility is real and varied, based on education, experience and insider enthusiasm. Each Examiner has a page on dedicated to one specific topic in their local edition. Examiners are independent contractors, not employees, of

What do successful Examiners produce?

Examiner ar…

The Jewel that is Talitha Koum

On the corner of Clay and 13th in downtown Waco, Texas lies a diamond in the ruff, a jewel uncommonly seen by those of us busily bustling around, absorbed in our own little routine lives.
Today I had the pleasure to meet face-to-face with one of the true angels blazing the path for this powerful mission. Mrs. Nan Holmes. It is such a small, funny world that we live in. I met Nan 10-11 years ago via phone call to the small christian clothing boutique that I worked in through HS and some early college years on seasonal breaks. Nan had visited Jefferson before and had fallen in love iwth AMAZING GRACE. It was a cute little store in the busy tourist town. I loved my job. And all the customers LOVED the prices. Amazing Grace was one of the most reasonable store in town and also the matriarch of both the family and the store had a true gift at choosing appropriate and 'hot' inventory. Nan was in love with the clothing side. Amazing Grace could sell quality, trendy professi…

New Year's Resolution 2011

There are 1,000,001 different things that I need to resolve to change in this new year; my weight, my activity level, the amount of time I spend engaging my children, my coupon divaness, staying on top of my chores, being a better wife...but ONE truly seemed to trump the rest this year. My relationship with God, and the leadership of my husband and me in leading our children towards a healthy relationship with Him.
So this is it. This is MY resolution.
Every evening before dinner prayer, we sit as a family at our dining room table and I randomly choose a scripture for that evening. I read the passage, and then my husband talks to the girls a bit about what that scripture means, we pray and then we enjoy a family dinner. (Well 'enjoy' might be an overstatement with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old picky eater--but we
I chose this as my resolution because I felt led be an example of a Godly woman for my two girls. I would NOT call myself a feminist. I will probably take some fl…

Attempted Kidnapping turned carjacking Oct 2001

My account of that day as it appears on

It was October of the same year of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. I was still dealing emotionally with seeing the images of the attacks, and I was not aware of my PTSD at this time so I didn’t limit my exposure to the trauma. I think the short period of time between the terrorist attacks and my personal attack ingrained the emotions and images of both into my memory even more vividly.
I was walking to my car through an apartment complex parking lot off of Myers Lane in Bellmead, headed to school. The details that I remember are minute and crisp. I distinctly remember that I was going to wear navy blue addidas athletic shorts to school that day, but I melted the material with the clothes iron (should have been a sign). So I changed. I also remember that outfit in detail--Tommy Hillfiger flare jeans, a grey Baylor tee with a red and blue University logo and addidas tennis shoes. Something told me to ride with my husband that mo…


to be continued......

The East Texas Excursion 2011

SIX am came far too early Saturday January 7th of 2011. We rushed to get us and the girlies dressed, bags loaded, dogs kennelled, and off on our way. Shipleys Donut's sign shown brightly in the early morning central Texas sky, and 3 big earl with cheese kolachees later, we were on the road headed to see the G. GG that is. My mom. She lives in Gray, Texas which is a TINY town on the outskirts of Jefferson, Texas and actually closer to Vivian, LA.
Five hours of potty breaks, snack grabs, and diaper changes later, and we finally made our way down G's long gravel driveway. The girls were screaming with delight from the back seat. They did so very good on such a long trip, and they didn't even know we would be making the trip til the day before. I just didn't have the patience for a whole week of are we leaving today, are we leaving now, are we leaving after nap I just waited til the day before. And even then, it got a bit pestersome. ;)
Once we jumped out and shar…

2 great interviews coming in January 2011

On January 12 I will be interviewing via blog talk radio for the second-time with Vic White of Poetic monthly magazine. We will discuss my newest children's book and my writings with POetic Monthly Magazine.
Then on or around January 26 I have plans to participate in an interview with Proclaiming you Destiny Intl. Ministry.
Proclaiming Your Destiny Int'l Ministries main purpose and main focus and goal is to build the kingdom of God. We provide many fellowship opportunities to worship with us and to fellowship with us. Such as weekly Bible Study, Monthly Womens Fellowship, Youth Fellowship, Mens Fellowship and weekly Sunday Services for those that do not have a church or ministry home. We are an outreach Ministry that reaches out to the community to help and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ an at the same time offer an helping hand to those that are in need and to those that want to know about God. To contact the ministry you may email us at or contact…

My FAVORITE new cross

I have been collection wall crosses for years now, I have about 30 in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and col ors. I love the symbolism of them, and I just find them aesthetically beautiful. They also seem to give me a sense of peace, and safety in my home. I am always getting them as gifts, and I sometimes even splurge and get myself one if it catches my eye.
Well, Today I recieved my most cherished cross thus far.
Reese and Raeleigh have Jason's old leggo set from when he was a kid and it is one of their favorite things to play with. Reese builds boats, and towers, dinosaurs and churchs. Today Raeleigh told me that what she had built and was buzzing around the living room with was an airplane. The creativity and hands on skills these leggos give my girls is just amazing.
But today it made a jump in such a sweet, caring direction that I could have never anticiated.
My livingroom at the parsonage is slowly but surely turning into a home for us. Last week I finally got all my c…