My FAVORITE new cross

I have been collection wall crosses for years now, I have about 30 in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and col

ors. I love the symbolism of them, and I just find them aesthetically beautiful. They also seem to give me a sense of peace, and safety in my home. I am always getting them as gifts, and I sometimes even splurge and get myself one if it catches my eye.
Well, Today I recieved my most cherished cross thus far.
Reese and Raeleigh have Jason's old leggo set from when he was a kid and it is one of their favorite things to play with. Reese builds boats, and towers, dinosaurs and churchs. Today Raeleigh told me that what she had built and was buzzing around the living room with was an airplane. The creativity and hands on skills these leggos give my girls is just amazing.
But today it made a jump in such a sweet, caring direction that I could have never anticiated.
My livingroom at the parsonage is slowly but surely turning into a home for us. Last week I finally got all my crosses back up on the wall in our main living area. I half-joking made mention to Jason that I needed more crosses so that I could cover a second wall.
It was maybe 30 minutes to an hour later and Reese came out of her bedroom smiling from ear to ear. She said, "Mommy, I have a present for you". Her hands were behind her back as she was hiding this special item from me. We play this game alot. She likes to wrap up her toys and 'suprise' you with them. I figured that was what was taking place this time too.
I smiled and said, "Well thank you baby, what is it?". Reese slowly pulled her hands from behind her back and uncurled her precisous little fingers...and there it was.
My FAVORITE new cross!
Reese on her own accord, set out to find 2 leggos that she liked and she made me a cross to put on the wall. Oh how my heart melted. So thoughtful, so innocent, so sweet. I will treasure it FOREVER!


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