Spirit of fear...

I have fear. I fear lots of things. But mostly I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. These are deep rooted fears. But tonight as I did my Beth Moore Study I got to thinking about this fear I have.
I want to walk every day. I have been paralysed with fear because that means taking 2 kids and myself out without Jason. That makes me feel soooo vulnerable.
I know that God does not give me the spirit of fear!!!
I am going to make myself do it. I realize that the fear I will pass along to my girls by fearing to do these things it far more dangerous than just going for a walk...
So here goes...tomorrow is a new day.


Shane Alexander said…
I think walking is a good thing, so go for it. But I also think that fear isn't an entirely bad thing. At some level, we all need to think through our fears and decide whether or not they are rational or healthy. But then there are times when fears are accurate and our instincts know better than our rational brains.

All that said, I get what you are saying. There is fear and then there is what we do with that fear. There are a lot of things that we let fear motivate us when we really need to be motivated by our trust in God.

Thanks for sharing your inner life.

btw - I found your input from a week or two ago about tee shirts helpful Monday when trying to order them in a hurry!
Boobie said…
Well I am glad! Who did you end up going with? And I DID walk today and I DIDNT have a panic attack. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME! YAY GOD!
Kara Alexander said…
I appreciated this post, Rachel. We want to protect our children and don't ever want them to get hurt, but you're right about living in fear and being paralyzed by it. If you ever want to go to the park together, let me know. We love Cameron Park downtown and some others around here, too.

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