Miscellaneous mumbles...

What happens in Formation group, STAYS in formation group...

Lose the pucker?

Sonic...that is just a choice you make

bellmead taco bell

a little like vegas but alot more fun

and the list continues...


Reese did # 2 in the potty today. I dont think I have ever been so excited to see poop



My dog has allergies soooo badly that he wont step off the concete patio outside, man that stinks!


How hilarious would it be fore there to be male chipmunks instead of chip n dales....i would much rater see a bunch of adult men dance around in full out chipmunk suits...totally hilarious...


I bet there are, i mean come on they have ice capades for everything these days, surely there is an Alvin, Simon, and Theodore out there SOMEWHERE...hmmmmm

I would totally prefer a bachelorette party THERE. And PLEASE, NO STRIPPING...that is just creepy...


Did you know that Hewitt HEB has THE BEST mashed potatoes in tehre little deli area...i mean ther are like fat in a vat but ohhhhhhhhhhhh so good!

I think house is just a big jerk.
One time on the school bus home I curled my hair on pencils and tampons just to get a few laughs.


Gena said…
There's a Taco Bell in Bellmead?

You mean you have separate showers?


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