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Here it is 11pm and I am still up. Although this isnt late for most people I have always been one to need my sleep. As a teenager I was known to go to bed as early as seven--and I find myself now as an adult to feel my best when I hit the hay close to 10.
With that being said, about once a week I feel the overwhelming need to go to bed by 6 or 7 and sleep completely thru the night til the next morning.
I have a very lively and dependable wake up call around 7:30 each morning. It never fails me and never ceases to amaze me. Reese runs into my room, turns on the light and SCREAMS get up mommy, get up!
How can I say no to that. Well, I actually know how but it never seems to work. So like clockwork I am up every morning at 7:30 am no matter what time I turned in the night before.
I battle insomnia. This is my war.
I have fibromyalgia, PTSD and psoratic arthritis. A NIGHTMARISH combination.
The PTSD causes very frightening, very emotional and very real nightmares. Just recently I sa…

15 years or more

I have been keeping 2 children, plus my own two, for about two months now. It keeps me busy and gives the family a little cushion come bill time.
It was August 3rd, and a usual day keeping up with 4 kiddos. Aunt Ruth's funeral had been that afternoon, and Jason took off work to go-I didnt know at that time it would be such a blessing.
The time was 3:50, just ten minutes until the mom of the two children was due to pick them up. Jason had just walked in the door. All of the kids were running around, screaming, and playing. The baby (6mo) was settled into the couch with her 'baba' and blankey, and I was running around gather up all their gear to send it back home with them.
Jason was in the master bedroom changing clothes and getting settled in. I had forgotten the babies shoes etc on the side table by my bed. I headed back to the master to get it all together. I rounded the corner into the room and WHAM! I didnt even realize I was falling until after I hit the floo…

I am up on

GO check me out. Seems like my page on their saite is under constuction. I am hoping that pics etc get uploaded upon my official release date of September 12, 2010.