Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrate Jesus

The preschool is having a spring program-called celebrate Jesus- and graduation for the oldest group. OF COURSE this was a great excuse to make a cake... AND IT HAS LIGHTS!!!!

Pool Party

We found this frog 2 weeks ago in our flower bed. Reese played with him and then relocated hm to a different flower bed. He spent a week traveling back and forth between us and our neighbors and then happened to find our pool. He hasnt left since . :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Avatar, Christ and America

Ok, so i just watched Avatar. I know, I know I am a bit behind on my popculture...Ok I am ALOT behind. I told my husband today that I didnt know what all this buzz was about some kid named "Justin Beaver".

I was thoroughly impressed with the analogies with the Iraq and Afghanastan wars. All personal opinions of the war aside...I saw very clearly how the US occupation of Pandora is synonymous with the US occupation overseas--both lusting after 'natural resources' of the invaded lands. It was even alluded to in a couple of character aside moments in the movie. (like when Jake mentions taking over a land, villifying the natives and then stealing whatever it is you want from them all in the name of country)....hmmmmm, a bit political ya think?--still enjoyed it!

I also found the level of allusions to our Christian God very Lewis and Tolkienesque--minus a talking lion or a hobbit. I loved how the diety of pandora was represented in creation and nature as a conection between living things just like in Christianity. I can see where some would argue for a tie with a more pagonistic religion but I see it differently.
I consider myself Christian and I view my God, the Christian God, alot like the pandora diety--all present, all knowing and all powerful (whether or not God chooses to use that all powerful control at any given time cannot be predicted nor understood--plus both man/Na'vi have free-will)--especially in nature.

Look at the birds of the Heaven, you heavenly Father feeds them, are you not more precious then they? -matthew 6:26

If God can keep the tiniest of birds fed, content and safe then you CANNOT tell me that nature is not connect with God and with humanity in a very padorian way. We may not be able to measure our connectivity with syringes or view the 'synapses' of our interdependence under a microscope but that does not make them any less real.

I am a Na'vi.

I see my world.

I see my brothers and sisters.

and we are all seen by God

who is both watching us, with us and in us.

With Him we ARE all connected.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beautiful 1608 sqft family home for sale in Robinson...$91,900

MLS # 137063
HUGE laundry room

door to indoor storage space and my wrapping center
washer and dryer included in sale

family room with hardwood , corner tv hutch, and faux fireplace

Gameroom with built in book cases and wall shelves

Bedroom with berber carpet over hardwood in great condition

playground in back yard

Front of home...great curb appeal

Warm masterbedroom with attached 1/2 bath. New Paint and new laminate flooring
New metal roof. New plumbing, New AC and Heat. New kitchen with tin tile backsplash and beautiful colors with chandelier and recessed lighting. 1608 sqft with 3bed 1.5 bath. Game room with buitins and recessed lighting and ceiling fan. Family room, faux fireplace, corner tv hutch, complete surround sound system with speakers and system. Gas stove and oven, dishwasher, fridge, washer and drier in extremely large washroom/mud room. Indoor storage facility. Covered patio. Dog run, Rose garden. Private adult sitting area out back. Fresh paint. Beautiful upgrades. Crown moulding, hardwood floors. Laminate, carpet and vinyl floors as well. Solid wood frech door for entrance to gameroom. PLayground in back. Mature landscaping and trees.

Low voltage garden lighting. Brick veneer. Rain gutters. Very warm and inviting home.

Contact Patricia meadows with ERA graceland at 254-709-9955.

Mothers day gift...

Suprise portraits of my two beauties.