Sunday, August 31, 2008

Flying Flip

People actually give one.
I have gotten a big response about my last post. It was nice to know that people want me to feel differently. It is nice to know that there are people who care and want to help, eventhough they may not know what that looks like.
Thank you Courtney for the sweet phone call.
She actually even offered to pay for one of Raeleigh's pediatric dermatologist appts since that was really weighing on me. I thought that was really thoughtful and it almost made me cry.
Thank you Dan for saying what you said. It was kind of you and nice to hear.
Thank you LJ for emailing me when I didnt seem to be quite myself.
I love all of you, and appreciate your willingness to just say...I am sorry, how can i help! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

One of those days...

So I am having one of those days where i think...Did i take my medication this morning?
I mean seriously, i feel like i could tear someones head off, and scream, and cry, and collapse, and need to be held, and want to eat milk and cookies...or drink a bottle of wine all by myself...all at the same time. I am struggling with so many emotions. Some I am sure are legitimate responses and the others...not so sure.
I feel overlooked, left out, unwanted. Sometimes I feel bothersome and annoying and obsurd.
Then on the otherhand I feel unheard, unused and over used all at the same time by different people.
I am having a hard time creating my NO! I am having a hard time not being bitter and wearing my feelings on my sleeve.
Why dont I matter?
What arent my needs and wants considered?
Why is my time unimportant?
Why are my desires ridiculous?
Why does no one ask my my desires in the first place?
Why are relationships so difficult?
Why does my mother hate me?
Why is it that I am supposed to drop everything?
Why am I not worth protecting or fighting for?
Why does my husband talk down to me?
Why do I feel like I just anger him?
Why do friends not answer my emails?...especially ones i ask questions in... ?
Why do i feel cumbersome?
Why does no one tell ME thank you?
Why is it that my baby shower falls on a day everyone is busy? even though they knew a month in advance...hmmmmm
Why can no one watch MY kids when i need a little help?
Why doesnt anyone have the time to just talk to me? just have a real conversation...
Why does all of this bother me so much?
Why does my neighbor feel the need to tell me that there are dead limbs in our tree?
Why does the friend down the road only drop off gifts when I am not at home?
Why cant my no just be no?
Why do I have to comfort everyone else?
When do i get to be the needy one?
When will i be respected?
When will i get to stop fighting?
When will someone just say, I am sorry that is really horrible, or How can I help?
When will i be important enough to mention?...3 outta 4? come on people!
when do i stop feeling like shit

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Life Makeover struggle

So far so good, until today. I didnt do my schedueled biggie, i was exhausted when i woke up and didnt follow Reese's new routine but we did get craft, coloring time in, along with reading and alot of hands on play. I took a nap. I want to get away from that.
I played with raeleigh that was good. I dont want to work out tonight...i hope i will. But i dont want to. I did follow my shake regimine today. But I ate a high fat dinner (breakfast for dinne...bacon, sausage, waffles, tortillas, eggs etc). Man was it good...but I am still fat.
Some days i feel like I am making progress and other days i just feel like i still look 5 mo pregnant...very frustrating.
But hey, baby steps. As long as I am stepping I am going to TRY to stay positive.
I just wish I had clothes that fit and were flattering. Sherri and I are going out tomm i think i may stop by cold water creek and see if the styles flatter me...right about now nothing feels flattering.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My LIfe Makeover

So Jason and I had a talk and both decided there were areas of our lives that are just embarassments. We have no discipline and under some circumstances behave completely irresponsibly and I am implementing my own life make over. It is tough...
To begin with
1. I want to get SERIOUS with losing this baby weight. I think in order to do that I must be honest with myself and everyone about where I am and where i want to be. This is sad...I am 253. That is just not ok with me, but for some reason I have a hard time taking that step and getting serious about this diet I am on and daily exercise. My goal, to lose close to 100 lbs in a year to a year and a half. My plan...herbalife shakes for breakfast and lunch along with the vitamin and weight loss regimine and at least 1 exercise session at least 5 days a week--building up to 7 days a week for at least 30 min each day.

2. I want to be a less lazy parent. I use TV and free play too much during the day. I have a hard time getting out of pjs and engaging Reese. My goal to have set time to do certain things, to make myself do those things with her and to get my day going with REAL clothes and fixed hair after my morning shake and coffee. My plan...a daily routine including things such as reading time, free play, outside time, craft time, exercise etc. Yesterday was the first day of this new routine and it went well. I actually wrote down a scheduel and it makes it alot easier to commit to.

3. I want to be a less lazy wife. Although I do alot i know myself and i know i am capable of so much more. My goal, daily chores so that by the weekend the housework is dont and we can really take a break as a family and no worry about laundry, dishes etc. To have dinner cooked for my family rather than waiting til the last minute and spending $ i dont have on take out just because i was too lazy to cook. Plan...a routine. Same as above, writing it down makes it so much easier to commit to....

well there is so much more but I will have tp pick up with it later cause Raeleigh is crying and I am sure she is hungry....pray for us....we really want this change.

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is why I am a dog person

(CNN) -- A dog sheltered a newborn baby abandoned by its 14-year-old mother in a field in rural Argentina until the boy was rescued, a doctor said Friday.

The abandoned infant was found in a field with this dog and her newborn puppies.

A resident of a rural area outside La Plata called police late Wednesday night to say that he had heard the baby crying in a field behind his house.
The man went outside and found the infant lying beside the dog and its six newborn puppies, Daniel Salcedo, chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires, told CNN.
The temperature was a chilly 37 degrees, Salcedo said.
The dog had apparently carried the baby some 50 meters from where his mother had abandoned him to where the puppies were huddled, police said.
"She took it like a puppy and rescued it," Salcedo said. "The doctors told us if she hadn't done this, he would have died."
"The dog is a hero to us."
Dr. Egidio Melia, director of the Melchor Romero Hospital in La Plata, told CNN that police showed up at the hospital at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday with the baby who doctors say was only a few hours old.
Though the infant had superficial scratches and bruises and was bleeding from his mouth, he was in good shape, Melia said.
The next morning, the child's mother was driven by a neighbor to the hospital and told authorities the 8 pound, 13 ounce infant is hers, Melia said.
The teenager was immediately given psychological treatment and was hospitalized, he said. She has said little about the incident.

The small things that bring me joy...

I needed this laugh

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When it rains in pours

So far this year

Jason' uncle died this year
His aunt is on her death bed
His grandfather was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in his bladder, one kidney has stopped working, he had a heart aneurism and is now hospitalized again with very high temp, convulsions etc and hasnt even got a chance to start chemo yet
Jasons great aunt isnt going to be around much longer either
My dad had a prostate cancer scare
my moms lupus is in a horendous flare
Reese has a heart murmur...going for EKG tomm
Raeleigh's birthmark is sending us back to pediatric dematologist yet again in her 2 short months
Reese has to go to pediatric optomologist for her eye pulling, poking and swelling
Jason's cholesterol is off the charts...
...and i am just fat...
just feeling defeated (very poor) and defeated right now

Love it...Hate it...


stretch of barren land and sparse scrub at the corner of New Road and Old Robinson Road may one day be home to a new, state-of-the-art University High School.';

New University High campus locale should alleviate traffic, security concerns

Thursday, August 21, 2008
By Wendy Gragg
Tribune-Herald staff writer
A stretch of barren land and sparse scrub at the corner of New Road and Old Robinson Road may one day be home to a new, state-of-the-art University High School.
The Waco Independent School District board of trustees will vote tonight on whether to buy the property for $3.35 million from Central Texas Investors Ltd. as the site on which to build the school’s new campus.
“It’s a nice place to show off a $70 million facility,” University High principal Nolan Correa said of the 80-acre tract, which is on the east side of Interstate 35, within view of State Highway 6 and interstate traffic.
Correa expressed relief about the new location as opposed to the current high school, which is not far from the old-fashioned traffic circle at Valley Mills Drive and La Salle Avenue that leaves some motorists and pedestrians baffled.
“I was really concerned about the (traffic) circle with our kids,” he said, “and now I won’t worry as much.”
The new high school is the biggest-ticket item in Waco ISD’s $172.5 million bond package, approved by voters in May. Other projects funded include a new elementary school in East Waco that is already in the planning stages, plus new Dean Highland and Bell’s Hill elementary schools.

Local community leaders hope to model the new University High facade after Seven Lakes High School (above right), the newest high school in Katy ISD. (PBK Architects photo) If school board members agree, the new University High School, the most expensive item in the Waco Independent School District's $172.5 million bond package approved by voters last spring, will arise in the rapidly developing area at New Road and Old Robinson Road, near Interstate 35 (above). (Rod Aydelotte photo)
Other projects include science lab additions for Waco High School and A.J. Moore Academy plus renovations throughout the district.
Reasons for an all-new high school included the current University High’s inadequate size and facilities for 1,155 students, as well as security concerns involving more than 80 entrances at the existing campus.
The new University High is due to open by fall 2011, with the design phase beginning this fall and construction getting under way in spring 2009. University Middle School students will move into parts of the old high school campus at 2600 Bagby Ave.
Also being voted on tonight: the look of the front of the new high school. Correa says a South Waco community group that recently gathered public input favors the look of Seven Lakes High School in Katy.
Another land acquisition up for a vote tonight: 14 lots on Paul Quinn Street in East Waco from Robert Denton for $174,800. Purchase of those lots will allow the district to expand the site of the current J.H. Hines Elementary School.
J.H. Hines and Doris Miller elementary schools are being consolidated as a new elementary in East Waco. The current J.H. Hines campus has been chosen as the preferred site for the new school. The board is also expected to vote tonight on the schematic design and look of the front of the new elementary school.
Board members, who also will set the 2008-09 budget and tax rate, will meet at 7 tonight in the Waco ISD Conference Center, 115 S. Fifth St.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Raeleigh and her 'stain'

My birthmark tis a vine, a creeping cover growing outward from the inside Red and
purple blooms do adorn the stained trunk and stem with which I was born Imprinted
on the earth, which is my skin A tattoo drawn by Mother Nature's own hand
Unknown is its beginning, unknown its end Blood thirsty capillaries Rooted deeply
and roaming free Savage they can be Encroaching onto otherwise lovely faces And
devour them they do, in most cases Yet, brilliant in design, vibrant in color Sprinkled
with patches of strawberry wonder Threatened but not stopped by cold, heat, and
removal Rarely meeting with strangers approval Yet, this tattoo of mine is sweet yet
sour, like fine wine This beauty with a curse to give Not by force but by will Shall
remain for as long as I live A part of me, I refuse to kill.
-author unknown

Doctor etc...

Went to doc today for well baby and check up for both girls. Raeleigh got her shots and doc agreed with me that the birthmark looks to be growing. I have to call pediatric dermatolgist back and get her back in...probably have to get it removed now.
Reese has a heart murmur. This is the 2nd time Doc wilcox heard it. According to wikipedia Murmurs are abnormal heart sounds that are produced as a result of turbulent blood flow which is sufficient to produce audible noise. This most commonly results from narrowing or leaking of valves or the presence of abnormal passages through which blood flows in or near the heart. Murmurs are not usually part of the normal cardiac physiology and thus warrant further investigations. However, they sometimes result from harmless flow characteristics of no clinical significance.
Murmurs can be classified by seven different characteristics: timing, shape, location, radiation, intensity, pitch and quality. Timing refers to whether the murmur is a systolic or diastolic murmur. Shape refers to the intensity over time; murmurs can be crescendo, decrescendo or crescendo-decrescendo. Location refers to where the heart murmur is auscultated best. There are 6 places on the anterior chest to listen for heart murmurs; the first five out of six are adjacent to the sternum. Each of these locations roughly correspond to a specific part of the heart. The locations are: 2nd right intercostal space, 2nd - 5th left intercostal spaces, and 5th mid-clavicular intercostal space. Radiation refers to where the sound of the murmur radiates. The general rule of thumb is that the sound radiates in the direction of the blood flow. Intensity refers to the loudness of the murmur, and is graded on a scale from 0-6/6. The pitch of a murmur is low, medium or high and is determined by whether it can be auscultated best with the bell or diaphragm of a stethoscope. Some examples of the quality of a murmur are: blowing, harsh, rumbling and musical.
We got Friday at 10:15 for an echocardiogram. And what is most disturbing is that she is expected to sleep through it. HAHAHAHAH! She is 2! comeon! We will see how that goes.
Raeleigh still had a temp of 99.2 today but they went ahead and gave her the shots...which means it will probably get even higher tonight and make for a long night for me. *sigh*.
Oh well, I just want my girls to be healthy but the cost of it all is staggering!
Raeleighs birth and 6 day stay in ICU ran $23000 plus, (this is before insurance we only owe 15%) the pediatric dermatologist was $40copay, the visit today for both girls was $50 copay. Reese's echocardiogram is at the hospital so I am sure that will just go towrds her $500 deductible...and we still have to go to the pediatric optomologist in Oct--another $40 copay-- and then follow up visits for both girls in 1-2 months--another $50 copay, the additional $40 to go back to Dr ghali for birth,ark and then whatever it costs to get it removed... *sigh*
They are totally worth it and their health is soooo important but MAN you always have to pay the piper dont you...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Right after I wrote about Lohan I found THIS on CNN

There is some hope...
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A shocking trend is gaining ground in teen dressing: modesty.

Here's an example: Last summer, my 13-year-old daughter needed a dress to attend a friend's bat mitzvah.
What we found was a black concoction with a neckline so low that my condition for buying it was a fill-in-the-gap black undergarment. She wasn't happy about it, but complied.
This June, for her eighth-grade graduation, my daughter debated between a slinky blue dress with a plunging neckline -- more lounge singer than middle schooler -- and a flowery cotton print that was strapless but not low-cut.
After much consultation with her friends, she opted for the strapless and decided to top it with a sedate, white cardigan sweater.
What had happened to teen dressing in those intervening 10 months?
Layering. The economic downturn. Traction from an entrenched parents' backlash against highly sexualized looks for their daughters. Oh, and fashion's do-or-die need to throw something new at the gigantic but fickle teen/tween market as quickly as you can say "MySpace" or "Facebook."

I like the result: too-revealing camisoles and tank tops now paired with a covering hoodie or graphic T-shirt. Dresses topped by '50s-ish cardigans or shrugs. Vintage '70s-ish pieces picked up cheaply at thrift shops.
Also, layered items are interchangeable and can be put together in different ways, so I think (hope) we're saving money.
Money is the name of the game for retailers, too, especially in the current economic climate. Apparel sales for the 13-to-17-year-old set were nearly $30 billion for the 12 months ending May 2008, according to market researcher NPD Group's consumer tracking service. Add "tweens" and near-tweens -- 7-to-12-year olds -- and college-age kids -- 18-to-24 -- and that figure soars to nearly $70 billion.
Overall, sales are increasing only slightly. Department stores are struggling to compete with discounters like Wal-Mart and specialty merchants like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, PacSun, Aeropostale and American Eagle Outfitters -- which typically feature darker lighting and throbbing music to welcome teens.
And with the economy in a downturn, many teens had trouble getting summer jobs and have less to spend.
"We're in a very challenging time period," said Allison Levy, merchandise manager for menswear and childrenswear at the Doneger Group, which advises major stores on what fashions to buy. "We have to work harder to get them in the door and satisfy them. ... It's about capturing their attention."
That's done not just with colorful clothes in stores in malls where teens congregate, but also on the Internet, where they gravitate for social networking -- and fashion chitchat -- at sites like MySpace and Facebook. Teens also pre-shop online. My daughter, for instance, will check out before she drags me to the store, her favorite place to buy skinny jeans.
The Internet also means that new fashion trends -- whether driven by music or by TV shows like "Gossip Girl" and "Hannah Montana" -- spread with almost viral speed and intensity. That feeds into tweens and younger teens' desire for their favorite celebrities' clothing brands, says Michael Stone, CEO of The Beanstalk Group, an authority on celebrity licensing who developed the Olsen twins' fashion brand when they were young TV stars.
"It's all media-driven," Stone said. "It's about girls seeing celebrities on TV shows, movie and concert tours and now they get to communicate about clothing on social networking sites. More communicating tools are available ... to spread the word about fashion a celebrity is wearing. That drives tween fashion."
In the emphasis on layering, many parents see a welcome trend that is long overdue.
"A lot of the very fashionable looks right now are very modest," said Brenda Sharman, national director at Pure Fashion, a Catholic-based organization that has put on modesty teen fashion shows in nearly two dozen U.S. cities. "It's almost a flashback to looking very demure and proper."
The group has long deplored the low necklines and sexy looks that have marked teen fashion, and they aren't alone. Last year, an American Psychological Association task force reported that cognitive performance and health can suffer when teens and young women make themselves into sex objects by wearing sexy clothing or styling themselves after sexy celebrities. Eating disorders, depression and low self-confidence can result.
Happily, there's evidence that the covered-up styles for teens might continue into next season and beyond.
At the spring Paris fashion shows, Stephanie Meyerson -- trend director for youth culture at Stylesight, a retail forecasting firm -- saw a definite "moving away from overtly sexual" in teen fashion, especially through layering and comfortable baggy looks.
"Girls are dressing for themselves, as opposed to dressing for guys," she said. "The guys might not like it but the girls are not wearing really tight shirts. They're covered up."
Covered up can mean put-together (think "Gossip Girl") or disheveled (a bit of Mary-Kate-and-Ashley grunge meets Amy Winehouse). And even that look can have sexual connotations.
"It's the one-night-stand look," Meyerson said. As in the disheveled morning after, clothes with a slept-in feel.
OK, so parents won't rejoice over that notion. But I'm rejoicing over anything that keeps my girl from looking like a lounge singer


Jason and I went to Church last night after a really nice weekend outside. IT wasnt quite so hot so we got to just hang out, let Reese swim and I got to garden.

Last night was the first night of the The Grove having 2 seperate life groups. It was different, good, chaotic (no babysitter) but good.

We got home and got the babes settled and the greatest thing happened. Jason and I laid in bed for like 3 hours and just talked. I couldnt even tell you what about but it was wonderful. I love having a spouse that is such a good friend.

Pray for Raeleigh, she has a temp tonight. :(

AND Reese, she needs to get a handle on this whole potty thing!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Really Disturbing

Ok so i clicked on a link about how Lindsey Lohan got angry at a photographer for asking her about her little sister. He asked if her sister got a boob job. Lindsey's sister is 14 and her response was just that and she called the photographer a pedophile for even thinking that. This is where I have a problem. She is 14 and this is the picture in question...
hmmmm...i think there a bigger issues here. SHE IS 14 PEOPLE! Would YOU let your 14 year old dress like that!?!?!? This really disturbs me.
We talk about sexual predators but our media and hollywood keep capitalizing on and oversexualizing our children. A grown man would look at this picture and lust after this young girl...and don't you think that is what is wanted. grrrrrrr! This makes me so angry!
Young girls look up to these 'celebraties' as role models and the only things they are being taught are that their value is in their sexuality...SEXUALITY! 14 year olds shouldnt even be thinking in those terms!
I am vexed!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Zombie

7:45 rolls around and Reese is knocking on her bedroom door screaming "mommy where are you"--I try to buy some more time with bribery. "Reese, will you go back night night if i give you some snacks?"

Not so lucky today she cries and says "no mommy, all done". I sigh and say ok then. We get up put on big girl panties (for Reese that is) and then i hear Raeleigh crying (a sound I heard most of the night). I tell Reese, let me feed Raeleigh and then we will get movie and breakfast. Reese is very set into her morning routine and any interruption, no matter how hungry or loud, frustrates her. But I give her snacks and buy some time to feed Raeleigh.

Then Reese makes her order, "pizza momma, pizza". Ok then, pizza for breakfast it is. I pop in a baby einstein movie with an animal theme and off to pop the 99cent pizza in the oven. I hop on computer and check email, news etc while it cooks and Reese watches baby einstein. Then the totally expected happens...timer goes off and so does Raeleigh...

Didnt I just feed her? Oh well, ihunger pangs have hit her again. So i tell Reese we have to let our pizza cool off and mommy needs to feed Raeleigh (again).

After feeding i put Raeleigh in her swing and cut up Reese's pizza, she gets half now and half for lunch...i know it isnt the breakfast of champions but some mornings i just dont care (today being one of those).

By this time Reese wants nothing to do with the baby einstein movie playing and decides she wants to watch cars. I swap DVDs and realize i havent eater or taken my meds. *sigh*

I get her settled and off to kitchen yet again but for myself this time. I have to open this institutional size can pf pineapple to put into my shake. It was cheaper to buy 1 big can than to get the little single serve fruit cups for reese like I normally do and I had the brigh idea to seperate it into small rubbermaids myself (this was a week ago mind you-and the can was still sitting there). Well the stikin thing was so big and heavy that I made a monsterous mess trying to open it but finally got it done. I make my herbalife shake and take my vitamins and meds.

I sit down to drink it and Raeleigh is crying again. I forgot her passy in bedroom so up again to get passy. NOW, sit down to drink shake and Reese decides it looks pretty good and commences to climb the mommy monkey bars to get to it. I just give in and let her have some of my very small breakfast (trying to lose baby weight)--oh well, that is one way to cut calories.

THEN i realize that Reese's bottom is wet. We are potty training and Reese doesnt understand that panties arent like diapers. She is wet trained NAKED but throw panties into the mix and we take like 10 steps back. So off we go to get clean panties (shake is still waiting on me)....

and this is where we stand. I did FINALLY drink my shake and then get on here.

For you to truly appreciate this morning routine I need you to understand one thing...Raeleigh has decided the past 4 nights to not sleep and to want to eat eat eat.

Jason gets home at 5, we eat dinner, play with Reese, straighten some and then me and Raeleigh retire to master about 7-7:30 pm. Reese goes t obed at 8. I watch 1-2 hours of tv while nursing and rocking Raeleigh to sleep. I swaddle her and lay her in her fav spot. MY BED! I hate it but I am just surviving at this point. I miss my husband, he has slept in the twin bed in the nursery for at least a month now. He is too scared to sleep with Raeleigh in the bed, he is afraid he will roll over on her.

I shut off TV and remember oh yeah i have been having insomnia, i toss and turn til at least 11, then Raeleigh wakes to feed. I feed her laying on my side. I may not be asleep but at least my body is resting. She falls asleep on me, i tighter her swaddle and scoot her over. I try and try to sleep but my lower back aches a bit so i decide to swap sides with Raeleigh so i can be close to the wall outlet to use the heating pad. Well when i move her she wakes up and guessed it, wants to eat. So i hookup heating pad and feed her. When done she refuses to go to sleep. With the help of the sassy i finally get her relaxed and we both doze off. That lasts til 3. She is up again hungry but this time she wont go back to sleep so i call for Jason. He takes her and I fall asleep. About 5 i am awakened again to a loosely swaddled Raeleigh ( Jason cannt swaddle worth a nickle). I feed and repeat. We doze til 7:45 and you've read the rest.

This has gone on for about 4 days now an I am soooo tired. I am a zombie. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jason has promised to let me sleep tonight. Raeleigh will take a bottle and I have some expressed breast milk. I will sleep in nursery tonight and Jason will be with Raeleigh. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man, a whole night of sleep--i dont know what I will do with myself. I am soooo excited! Will let you know how that goes.

BTW: got the girls pics yesterday from sears, they are cute but I am not sure if they are $160 cute...hmmm...i may start using Walmart again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

So I am baffled. Intrigued and baffled. I think it is conceited of us to think we have found and categorized all living species but c'mon....what is THIS other than disgusting? Viral marketing or for real? I am almost too scared to even ask....

But embarrassingly enough i keep 'googleing' the darn thing to find out more... am I pathetic or is the marketing just working....hmmmmmm...

...and then i came across this --I watched the video and it is definately...different...

Chupacabra Caught On Cop's Dash Cam
The deputy describes the creature as hairless with a long snout, having short front legs and long back legs. But it's still a mystery.
Tara Lipinsky, Texas (CBS) ―
Is it or isn't it?
There's massive speculation in Cuero, Texas that a paltrolman's dash cam video will prove the Chupacabra really exists.
Corporal Brandon Riedel spotted the creature just before sunset on Friday, and decided to put his dash cam to good use. "So I hit the record button and it was just this is what we got." Reidel explains.
The deputy describes the creature as hairless with a long snout, having short front legs and long back legs. But it's still a mystery.
"It's amazing. We still don't know what it is." Sheriff Jode Zavesky commented.
The Chupacabra is a mythical creature associated with Mexico. The name means "goat sucker" in Spanish. It supposedly kills livestock and drains their blood.
Tests on a similar creature also found in Dewitt County showed the animal was a certain type of coyote.
Some officials worry the latest video with start a rash of "sightings." Other people are happy about it.
"I love this for Dewitt County. It's brought a lot of attention to us. We're not ready to put this one to bed yet." Zavesky admits.
So, is it really the fabled Chupacabra or just a wild dog?
Only time will tell.
(© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)


And then there is big foot. HAHAHAHAH! Bigfoot. I will admit that my hometown is the home of the annual big foot conference. Yes, they have a conference and it is in Jefferson. You think I am kidding? I am soooo not kidding. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Boobie What?

hahahahaha...So here is the jist of it.

The first time my husband went 'home' with me to meet my parents I let our family dog at the time (dipity) out to go potty and I told her "Go Boobie"--the name stuck.

Both Jason and Reese refer to me lovingly as Boobie. I never thought my husband and daughter would call me dog excrement.
(Dipity and Jason at our old apartment in Bosqueville in photo to the left; also in photo, my dad and sister Megan)