For Raeleigh and her 'stain'

My birthmark tis a vine, a creeping cover growing outward from the inside Red and
purple blooms do adorn the stained trunk and stem with which I was born Imprinted
on the earth, which is my skin A tattoo drawn by Mother Nature's own hand
Unknown is its beginning, unknown its end Blood thirsty capillaries Rooted deeply
and roaming free Savage they can be Encroaching onto otherwise lovely faces And
devour them they do, in most cases Yet, brilliant in design, vibrant in color Sprinkled
with patches of strawberry wonder Threatened but not stopped by cold, heat, and
removal Rarely meeting with strangers approval Yet, this tattoo of mine is sweet yet
sour, like fine wine This beauty with a curse to give Not by force but by will Shall
remain for as long as I live A part of me, I refuse to kill.
-author unknown


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