Life Makeover struggle

So far so good, until today. I didnt do my schedueled biggie, i was exhausted when i woke up and didnt follow Reese's new routine but we did get craft, coloring time in, along with reading and alot of hands on play. I took a nap. I want to get away from that.
I played with raeleigh that was good. I dont want to work out tonight...i hope i will. But i dont want to. I did follow my shake regimine today. But I ate a high fat dinner (breakfast for dinne...bacon, sausage, waffles, tortillas, eggs etc). Man was it good...but I am still fat.
Some days i feel like I am making progress and other days i just feel like i still look 5 mo pregnant...very frustrating.
But hey, baby steps. As long as I am stepping I am going to TRY to stay positive.
I just wish I had clothes that fit and were flattering. Sherri and I are going out tomm i think i may stop by cold water creek and see if the styles flatter me...right about now nothing feels flattering.


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