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Went to doc today for well baby and check up for both girls. Raeleigh got her shots and doc agreed with me that the birthmark looks to be growing. I have to call pediatric dermatolgist back and get her back in...probably have to get it removed now.
Reese has a heart murmur. This is the 2nd time Doc wilcox heard it. According to wikipedia Murmurs are abnormal heart sounds that are produced as a result of turbulent blood flow which is sufficient to produce audible noise. This most commonly results from narrowing or leaking of valves or the presence of abnormal passages through which blood flows in or near the heart. Murmurs are not usually part of the normal cardiac physiology and thus warrant further investigations. However, they sometimes result from harmless flow characteristics of no clinical significance.
Murmurs can be classified by seven different characteristics: timing, shape, location, radiation, intensity, pitch and quality. Timing refers to whether the murmur is a systolic or diastolic murmur. Shape refers to the intensity over time; murmurs can be crescendo, decrescendo or crescendo-decrescendo. Location refers to where the heart murmur is auscultated best. There are 6 places on the anterior chest to listen for heart murmurs; the first five out of six are adjacent to the sternum. Each of these locations roughly correspond to a specific part of the heart. The locations are: 2nd right intercostal space, 2nd - 5th left intercostal spaces, and 5th mid-clavicular intercostal space. Radiation refers to where the sound of the murmur radiates. The general rule of thumb is that the sound radiates in the direction of the blood flow. Intensity refers to the loudness of the murmur, and is graded on a scale from 0-6/6. The pitch of a murmur is low, medium or high and is determined by whether it can be auscultated best with the bell or diaphragm of a stethoscope. Some examples of the quality of a murmur are: blowing, harsh, rumbling and musical.
We got Friday at 10:15 for an echocardiogram. And what is most disturbing is that she is expected to sleep through it. HAHAHAHAH! She is 2! comeon! We will see how that goes.
Raeleigh still had a temp of 99.2 today but they went ahead and gave her the shots...which means it will probably get even higher tonight and make for a long night for me. *sigh*.
Oh well, I just want my girls to be healthy but the cost of it all is staggering!
Raeleighs birth and 6 day stay in ICU ran $23000 plus, (this is before insurance we only owe 15%) the pediatric dermatologist was $40copay, the visit today for both girls was $50 copay. Reese's echocardiogram is at the hospital so I am sure that will just go towrds her $500 deductible...and we still have to go to the pediatric optomologist in Oct--another $40 copay-- and then follow up visits for both girls in 1-2 months--another $50 copay, the additional $40 to go back to Dr ghali for birth,ark and then whatever it costs to get it removed... *sigh*
They are totally worth it and their health is soooo important but MAN you always have to pay the piper dont you...


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