Really Disturbing

Ok so i clicked on a link about how Lindsey Lohan got angry at a photographer for asking her about her little sister. He asked if her sister got a boob job. Lindsey's sister is 14 and her response was just that and she called the photographer a pedophile for even thinking that. This is where I have a problem. She is 14 and this is the picture in question...
hmmmm...i think there a bigger issues here. SHE IS 14 PEOPLE! Would YOU let your 14 year old dress like that!?!?!? This really disturbs me.
We talk about sexual predators but our media and hollywood keep capitalizing on and oversexualizing our children. A grown man would look at this picture and lust after this young girl...and don't you think that is what is wanted. grrrrrrr! This makes me so angry!
Young girls look up to these 'celebraties' as role models and the only things they are being taught are that their value is in their sexuality...SEXUALITY! 14 year olds shouldnt even be thinking in those terms!
I am vexed!


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