My LIfe Makeover

So Jason and I had a talk and both decided there were areas of our lives that are just embarassments. We have no discipline and under some circumstances behave completely irresponsibly and I am implementing my own life make over. It is tough...
To begin with
1. I want to get SERIOUS with losing this baby weight. I think in order to do that I must be honest with myself and everyone about where I am and where i want to be. This is sad...I am 253. That is just not ok with me, but for some reason I have a hard time taking that step and getting serious about this diet I am on and daily exercise. My goal, to lose close to 100 lbs in a year to a year and a half. My plan...herbalife shakes for breakfast and lunch along with the vitamin and weight loss regimine and at least 1 exercise session at least 5 days a week--building up to 7 days a week for at least 30 min each day.

2. I want to be a less lazy parent. I use TV and free play too much during the day. I have a hard time getting out of pjs and engaging Reese. My goal to have set time to do certain things, to make myself do those things with her and to get my day going with REAL clothes and fixed hair after my morning shake and coffee. My plan...a daily routine including things such as reading time, free play, outside time, craft time, exercise etc. Yesterday was the first day of this new routine and it went well. I actually wrote down a scheduel and it makes it alot easier to commit to.

3. I want to be a less lazy wife. Although I do alot i know myself and i know i am capable of so much more. My goal, daily chores so that by the weekend the housework is dont and we can really take a break as a family and no worry about laundry, dishes etc. To have dinner cooked for my family rather than waiting til the last minute and spending $ i dont have on take out just because i was too lazy to cook. Plan...a routine. Same as above, writing it down makes it so much easier to commit to....

well there is so much more but I will have tp pick up with it later cause Raeleigh is crying and I am sure she is hungry....pray for us....we really want this change.


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