Flying Flip

People actually give one.
I have gotten a big response about my last post. It was nice to know that people want me to feel differently. It is nice to know that there are people who care and want to help, eventhough they may not know what that looks like.
Thank you Courtney for the sweet phone call.
She actually even offered to pay for one of Raeleigh's pediatric dermatologist appts since that was really weighing on me. I thought that was really thoughtful and it almost made me cry.
Thank you Dan for saying what you said. It was kind of you and nice to hear.
Thank you LJ for emailing me when I didnt seem to be quite myself.
I love all of you, and appreciate your willingness to just say...I am sorry, how can i help! :)


Kara Alexander said…
We love you, Rachel. Thanks for bearing your heart and for feeling like you're heard.

So have I saturated your inbox enough yet?!!

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