When it rains in pours

So far this year

Jason' uncle died this year
His aunt is on her death bed
His grandfather was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in his bladder, one kidney has stopped working, he had a heart aneurism and is now hospitalized again with very high temp, convulsions etc and hasnt even got a chance to start chemo yet
Jasons great aunt isnt going to be around much longer either
My dad had a prostate cancer scare
my moms lupus is in a horendous flare
Reese has a heart murmur...going for EKG tomm
Raeleigh's birthmark is sending us back to pediatric dematologist yet again in her 2 short months
Reese has to go to pediatric optomologist for her eye pulling, poking and swelling
Jason's cholesterol is off the charts...
...and i am just fat...
just feeling defeated (very poor) and defeated right now


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