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Its been a while...

I sit here at 12 am alone in my living room watching quality cable programming and I find myself in awe of myself. Strange, I know but so much of what has come to define me as of late, itsnt even physically a part of me.

I remembered something today. Something that I had been too tired and frustrated to even try to remember. I am pretty. Yes, for the first time in 2 years I looked in the mirror and smiled. Even big, even, exhausted, even stretched so far...Iam still Rachel. Rachel is still beautiful.

As a stay at home mom of two who also moonlights 10 hours a week as preschool teacher extroidinairre to 10 4 year olds it is hard to find a piece of wardrobe unstained, without hole, in the right size, and without an eleastic waist band.

I place so much energy into making my girls look nice and dress cute that somewhere in the process I turned into a frump-a-lump. BUT NOT TODAY.

And not from here on out!
Granted, some lazy days at home do call for sweats in unbrushed hair in a ponytail…

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