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Brazos River Multi-congregation Baptismal Service

What a day this was.  Beautiful scenery, great friends, wonderful music, tasty food, heart-warming baptisms and a God that never fails.   A total of ten people were either baptised for the first time or rededicated their lives to Christ.
A beautiful friend of mine who has been a Christian for years just never baptised chose to join me on this memorable day.  You know the type of friend I mean...I have only VERY casually known her and her family for less that 2 years.  Just in the last month did we set aside the time to get our families together and get to know each other more.  There are some people God gifts into your life that you just IMMEDIATELY feel love for and a connection with.  We truly do have brothers and sisters in Christ.  Amber is for sure my sister.  I love her and her family dearly--immediately.  I was blessed to have them with me on this special day.
In addition to sharing this experience with a dear friend I also got to have one of the most moving experiences of my lif…

A review of Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl by Dannah Gresh

Search for six ways to keep the little in your girl

We live in a society full of lies. This world does not value young women, their purity, their innocence, nor the gift they have to give their husbands upon marriage. Girls are pressured to be sexy, sensual, promiscuous, and even voyeuristic. Music today places fulfillment and value solely in relationships with the opposite sex. Television pressures younger and younger girls to have boyfriends and relationship drama not even appropriate for healthy adult relationships. Parent’s raising young girls today find it harder and harder to locate modest clothing, appropriate entertainment and safe places to play. What is a parent to do?
According to
A study of 1792 adolescents ages 12-17 showed that watching sex on TV influences teens to have sex. Youths who watched more sexual content where more likely to initiate intercourse and progress to more advanced noncoital sexual…

New Coupon record!!!!

Just got back from our twice monthly HEB trip and I managed to top my own coupon savings record!  WhooHOOOOO!  Here goes the break down!
Store brand savings: $9.99
On Sale Savings:  $7.72

TOTAL:  $107.36

What a rush that was! Before savings the total was staggering...$384.55.  We definitely did not have that type of money to spend.  We are usually pleased with a total bill of $300 or less for a 2 week period.  That is $150 a week for all of our consumer goods.  We don't 'shop'.  We get what we need on our grocery trip and no other shopping in between.  So that averages $150 per week for a family of four.  With the economy like it is, I am not pleased with that but it is a reality.
Well today we paid $297 for nearly $400 worth of items.  We doubled up on body washes and shampoos with great coupon and sale deals so we wont need them the next 2 trips.  There were also quite a few great surprises with unadvertised combo locos on items I was already planni…

My boy Troy Landry watched my AHA moment

Not the best pic in the world...but you get the idea!

Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment interview

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HEB shopping trip coupon savings 5/12/2011

So I made the list and I checked it twice! I combined sales, combo locos, meal deals and coupons for a grand savings this time of $70.03. That feels pretty good!!!
I took advantage of deals such as $4 off mens razors plus a buy one get one free for the same brand. I also had several coupons for a free 2L soda with purchase of a couple bags of sun chips. I needed some new blush and covergirl had $3 off two plus in store there was a $1.50 off each..super good savings!!! There are some good deals out there right now!
The breakdown is as follows!
Store brand savings $7.04
on sale savings $3.76
free/coupon savings $59.23

happy couponing!!!