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Soft Launch: Paint Waco Blue/April is Child Abuse Awareness month

As many of you know, I am a child abuse survivor. This year I have felt led to organize a grassroots awareness campaign for the Waco area.  Most people have heard about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and eagerly wear pink in support of survivors, but very few people know that April is Child Abuse Awareness month (and interestingly enough ALSO my birthday month!).  Would you be willing to wear blue this April?
I am calling my efforts:  Paint Waco Blue.  Since this will be it's first year in existence, we are starting small with the sole goal of increasing awareness of the silent epidemic of child abuse in Waco and the surrounding areas.  The campaign will consist of various 'blue' items for purchase, a blue hair extension a new limited edition eye shadow event at The Dollhouse in Hewitt, a discounted photo shoot from Heartisitc Photography if you wear blue, and an informative presentation by the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children at the Erath building in China Sp…

Marshall Speaking Engagement

Today I visited with the entire fourth grade class of South Marshall Elementary school.I made the connection via an old mascoting sponsor and my sister’s coach’s wife—Amy Purifoy.It was a great day.I was asked to motivate the students to write.I really struggled with my angle for weeks, but when Jason and I took our 10th anniversary getaway God granted me a great topic:Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…=FALSE!!!!
Upon arriving and setting up this morning, Mrs. Purifoy introduced me to the kids and I started things off right—I immediately gave the children sugar.Mind you, my presentation was at 8:30—first thing Monday morning. So after passing around the bucket of gum, and trashcan for their papers I asked the kids to write down 5 words to describe their gum to someone who had never chewed gum, didn’t know what it was and had never even heard of it.They did great.I got some really good vocabulary from them—words like tart, smooth, extraordinary and many m…