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As many of you know, I am a child abuse survivor. This year I have felt led to organize a grassroots awareness campaign for the Waco area.  Most people have heard about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and eagerly wear pink in support of survivors, but very few people know that April is Child Abuse Awareness month (and interestingly enough ALSO my birthday month!).  Would you be willing to wear blue this April?
I am calling my efforts:  Paint Waco Blue.  Since this will be it's first year in existence, we are starting small with the sole goal of increasing awareness of the silent epidemic of child abuse in Waco and the surrounding areas.  The campaign will consist of various 'blue' items for purchase, a blue hair extension a new limited edition eye shadow event at The Dollhouse in Hewitt, a discounted photo shoot from Heartisitc Photography if you wear blue, and an informative presentation by the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children at the Erath building in China Spring, Texas as well as promotion of various Child Abuse Awareness interviews from
The items available for purchase include 'Dollface' baby blue limited edition eyeshadow by Kendall Shilling, Blue Hair extensions, and 3 different locally-made embroidered tee shirts by Nifty Treasures.  All of the tee shirts will be baby blue with dark blue embroidery.  The first tee shirt design says "I Am A Child Abuse Survivor" on the front and the back reads "April is Child Abuse Awareness Month".  The second tee shirt design reads "I Know A Child Abuse Survivor" and the back reads "April is Child Abuse Awareness Month".  Lastly, the third tee shirt design says on the front "Paint Waco Blue" and the back reads "April is Child Abuse Awareness Month".  Each vendor selling items is donating a portion of their earnings back to me to purchase copies of my abuse/trauma children's book, "Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou" for the Waco Family Abuse Center.
The Photography discount from Heartistic Photography is good for an outdoor shoot during the month of April.  Any client who agrees to wear blue for their shoot receives $25 off their session, making the shoot a very resonable price of $100.  You can contact Amy Jo via the facebook page linked to in this article to set up your appointment.
The Dollface eyeshadow costs $15 and 10% goes back to purchase books.
The hair extensions are $10.
All tee shirts cost $20 and $5 goes back per shirt to purchase books.
All items are being presold--if you are interested in purchasing any items please contact me at before April 20.  The BIG EVENT takes place all day April 20 at the Dollhouse at 123 Topeka in Hewitt Texas.  Kendall shilling, owner of the salon, will be installing all ordered extensions and filling previously placed orders for the blue eyeshadow.  Tee shirts will be ready for pick-up at the salon event as well. There will also be BLUE cupcakes and other fun refreshments.  Our goal is to blanket Waco and the surrounding areas with as much blue as possible to get people asking "WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH ALL THE BLUE?!?!".  One of the first and most important steps against fighting child abuse is communication.  If people start talking about child abuse, it could possibly give a child the opportunity to reach out for help.
The final event for Paint Waco Blue will take place April 27 at the Erath Building in China Spring Texas.  STREAMS, a stay at home mom's Bible study group, will be hosting an informational meeting open to the public presented by The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children about child abuse, the warning signs and the rights of parents.  The event will take place during the normal STREAMS meeting time which begins at 10am.  The meeting should last about an hour and a half, childcare is available (a small donation will be gathered for our childcare provider) and a light lunch will be provided afterwards.
It is a small start but a start none-the-less. If you would like to coordinate with us on any event, have an event idea, or provide an item for sale please don't hesitate to contact me! Help me bring awareness to this uncomfortable but important issue!

To purchase items via paypal click HERE.

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