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Social Media Challenge: Getting your students to engage at home with review materials

Ok, so it's that time of year!  STAAR is here!!  Just like every year I teach my heart out.  I worry myself sick, and work myself to the bone hitting and re-teaching teks all the way up until April.  Then it is review time.  I spend 1-2 weeks making a STAAR review folder/manipulative with my students that contains concise and dense material for them to engage and review.  However, I always struggle to find ways to get them to use it outside of the classroom.  We do processing activities with it in class and review the information as we add it to the folder, but It just never feels like enough.  Yesterday something hit me.

I call it the Social Media Challenge.  Basically,  students earn different levels of points for posting information about the science STAAR test to any social media outlet.  I give 1-2 points for pics, 2 points for certain hashtags (so I can track their posts, without connecting with them on social media, with  free programs like keyhole), then the biggies are 4 …