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A man with a bag....a challenge to apathy

As I was driving to robotics training out at TSTC today, I witnessed something truly amazing and rare.  At the intersection of Steinbeck Bend and Lake Shore drive, in the middle of a grassy island separating the intersections, there was a gentle old man.  His body was worn; his back slumped, and his gait arthritic--but he boldly wore a smile as he gingerly carried his plastic bag.  At first I was concerned.  What was he doing?  Why was he in the grass at the middle of this intersection and why was he carrying a bag?  And then I witnessed what America used to be about...that thing that made us all want to stand and salute our flag as one nation UNDER GOD....that thing that brought us all together after 911....that thing that somehow, somewhere along the way, the younger generations and even the nation as a whole lost sight of.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about an elderly man in the middle of a Central Texas intersection in the midst of the deadly Texas heat carrying a garba…