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So here is the low-down: My knee

Went to see Dr. Ellis today at Sports Medicine clinic to discuss my MRI results.  Yeah--it was pretty nasty.  He showed me the scan and basically surgery is my only feasible option. And I have to slow down in the meantime--if you know me you know that I don't find that quite so easy.  He even put me on crutches to help slow me down and make me more careful.
I am set-up for Oct.4.  My knee is so angry still from the dislocation (and too much use) that it is too inflamed to operate.  He wants to give it 2 more weeks to calm down. Also bad news: I have to come off my aleve and methotrexate 1 week before surgery so I will probably be a lousy lump on a log--no fun.
Here is the gist of the procedure--gnarly indeed.  First incision about 2-3 inches along the front of my shin.  They harvest tendon from my thigh muscle.  Then they make a 2 inch incision at the right side of my kneecap and attach the harvested tendon into the kneecap with screws.  They then weave the tendon under my existin…

Twin/Twinkie day 2011

So Reese is 5.  Not the best at finding a friend and coordinating withthem to dress the same on a particular day.  So this was my solution. CSISD calls twin day "twinkie" day.  I found the twinkie kid and painted it on a white tee last night.  It is just in whatever paints I had on hand--acryllic craft paints and tempera paint.  It probably won't survive the wash but it served its purpose today.  On his hat instead of writing 'TWINKIE THE KID' I wrote 'Reese's Twinkie'.  And then on the back I copied the hostess twinkie LOGO and made her name.  I must say that she looked super cute!  Happy TWINKIE DAY!!!

The day my knee fled Benevolence Way

So our real estate nightmare I blogged about a few week ago took place on a property on Benevolence Way.  We have since made many friends who live on or near this fated road.
On Sunday, the day before Labor Day 2011, I attempted to visit said friend's house--this is what happened.
So I thought the drive out would be wrought with raw emotion and sadness--the drive itself was extremely easy, bumpy road aside.  I managed to make it to my friend, Nikki's, gate and all changed--it an instant the visit became very dramatic and emotional.  I got out of my car, two girls buckled in back seat mind you--we were headed to Nikki's to craft homecoming mums and rings with another friend whose children had never had mums etc.  We were super excited.  Amber has a pet snake.  Reese was beside herself.  So I got out of my car to open their gate.
I have shallow grooved in the ends of my femurs and my patellas do not have a stable place to rest.  Usually I do not have a problem unless I fall …