So here is the low-down: My knee

Went to see Dr. Ellis today at Sports Medicine clinic to discuss my MRI results.  Yeah--it was pretty nasty.  He showed me the scan and basically surgery is my only feasible option. And I have to slow down in the meantime--if you know me you know that I don't find that quite so easy.  He even put me on crutches to help slow me down and make me more careful.
I am set-up for Oct.4.  My knee is so angry still from the dislocation (and too much use) that it is too inflamed to operate.  He wants to give it 2 more weeks to calm down. Also bad news: I have to come off my aleve and methotrexate 1 week before surgery so I will probably be a lousy lump on a log--no fun.
Here is the gist of the procedure--gnarly indeed.  First incision about 2-3 inches along the front of my shin.  They harvest tendon from my thigh muscle.  Then they make a 2 inch incision at the right side of my kneecap and attach the harvested tendon into the kneecap with screws.  They then weave the tendon under my existing tissue all the way to the femur. A third 2-3 inch incision is then made.  They drill into my femur and screw the tendon into place in that bone. 
The doc described it at an internal sling for my kneecap.  Right now it is sitting 95% out of place due to an anatomical deformity that was present at birth.  After my 5 dislocations things are just too stretched internally to hold it in place under that stress.
6-8 week recovery time.
Physical therapy begins 2 weeks out.
Keep me AND JASON in your prayers!

Here is a link to a video that is basically what they plan to do to my knee:


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