A Day in the Life of a Zombie

7:45 rolls around and Reese is knocking on her bedroom door screaming "mommy where are you"--I try to buy some more time with bribery. "Reese, will you go back night night if i give you some snacks?"

Not so lucky today she cries and says "no mommy, all done". I sigh and say ok then. We get up put on big girl panties (for Reese that is) and then i hear Raeleigh crying (a sound I heard most of the night). I tell Reese, let me feed Raeleigh and then we will get movie and breakfast. Reese is very set into her morning routine and any interruption, no matter how hungry or loud, frustrates her. But I give her snacks and buy some time to feed Raeleigh.

Then Reese makes her order, "pizza momma, pizza". Ok then, pizza for breakfast it is. I pop in a baby einstein movie with an animal theme and off to pop the 99cent pizza in the oven. I hop on computer and check email, news etc while it cooks and Reese watches baby einstein. Then the totally expected happens...timer goes off and so does Raeleigh...

Didnt I just feed her? Oh well, ihunger pangs have hit her again. So i tell Reese we have to let our pizza cool off and mommy needs to feed Raeleigh (again).

After feeding i put Raeleigh in her swing and cut up Reese's pizza, she gets half now and half for lunch...i know it isnt the breakfast of champions but some mornings i just dont care (today being one of those).

By this time Reese wants nothing to do with the baby einstein movie playing and decides she wants to watch cars. I swap DVDs and realize i havent eater or taken my meds. *sigh*

I get her settled and off to kitchen yet again but for myself this time. I have to open this institutional size can pf pineapple to put into my shake. It was cheaper to buy 1 big can than to get the little single serve fruit cups for reese like I normally do and I had the brigh idea to seperate it into small rubbermaids myself (this was a week ago mind you-and the can was still sitting there). Well the stikin thing was so big and heavy that I made a monsterous mess trying to open it but finally got it done. I make my herbalife shake and take my vitamins and meds.

I sit down to drink it and Raeleigh is crying again. I forgot her passy in bedroom so up again to get passy. NOW, sit down to drink shake and Reese decides it looks pretty good and commences to climb the mommy monkey bars to get to it. I just give in and let her have some of my very small breakfast (trying to lose baby weight)--oh well, that is one way to cut calories.

THEN i realize that Reese's bottom is wet. We are potty training and Reese doesnt understand that panties arent like diapers. She is wet trained NAKED but throw panties into the mix and we take like 10 steps back. So off we go to get clean panties (shake is still waiting on me)....

and this is where we stand. I did FINALLY drink my shake and then get on here.

For you to truly appreciate this morning routine I need you to understand one thing...Raeleigh has decided the past 4 nights to not sleep and to want to eat eat eat.

Jason gets home at 5, we eat dinner, play with Reese, straighten some and then me and Raeleigh retire to master about 7-7:30 pm. Reese goes t obed at 8. I watch 1-2 hours of tv while nursing and rocking Raeleigh to sleep. I swaddle her and lay her in her fav spot. MY BED! I hate it but I am just surviving at this point. I miss my husband, he has slept in the twin bed in the nursery for at least a month now. He is too scared to sleep with Raeleigh in the bed, he is afraid he will roll over on her.

I shut off TV and remember oh yeah i have been having insomnia, i toss and turn til at least 11, then Raeleigh wakes to feed. I feed her laying on my side. I may not be asleep but at least my body is resting. She falls asleep on me, i tighter her swaddle and scoot her over. I try and try to sleep but my lower back aches a bit so i decide to swap sides with Raeleigh so i can be close to the wall outlet to use the heating pad. Well when i move her she wakes up and ...you guessed it, wants to eat. So i hookup heating pad and feed her. When done she refuses to go to sleep. With the help of the sassy i finally get her relaxed and we both doze off. That lasts til 3. She is up again hungry but this time she wont go back to sleep so i call for Jason. He takes her and I fall asleep. About 5 i am awakened again to a loosely swaddled Raeleigh ( Jason cannt swaddle worth a nickle). I feed and repeat. We doze til 7:45 and you've read the rest.

This has gone on for about 4 days now an I am soooo tired. I am a zombie. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jason has promised to let me sleep tonight. Raeleigh will take a bottle and I have some expressed breast milk. I will sleep in nursery tonight and Jason will be with Raeleigh. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man, a whole night of sleep--i dont know what I will do with myself. I am soooo excited! Will let you know how that goes.

BTW: got the girls pics yesterday from sears, they are cute but I am not sure if they are $160 cute...hmmm...i may start using Walmart again.


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