My great hubby!

About 7 years ago I was 'carjacked'. I dont even like using that word because it so does not describe what happened. It was in October of 2001 early morning about 7:45am. I was in bellmead/lacylakeview right outside waco and was heading to my car to go to Baylor's campus for my morning classes. I had my slimfast shake in one hand, my backpack on my back and my cell phone case and keys in other hand. My memory of that day is so vivid that I can even remember what I was wearing down to the undergarments.
Before I came down the apartment stairs, I saw the man turning the corner of the parking lot, walking. He had a brown bag in one hand. He was far enough away that I felt 'ok' going to my car. But there was that twinge of fear. I should have listened.
I opened my car, keyless entry, threw in my backpack and cell phone case, sat down and set down my cell phone case. I was closing the door and had the strangest didnt close, i pulled and there was resistance.
I turned to look over my shoulder and there he was. He had run up, grabbed my car door as I was closing it and caught it right before it shut. He swung the door open, put what i thought was a pocket knife to my throat and told me to move over in the car. This is where I have a problem with labeling it a car jacking...he wasnt just after the car. His intent was to drive away with me in the passenger seat. To me that is attempted kidnapping. The cops labeled the event as an aggrevated robbery, even that doesnt please me.
Well, as many of you know this was not my first rodeo as far as being victimized and the bottled up anger i have kicked in. I remember those moments before i decided how to react very clearly.
The human nature to want to obey authority figures (someone yelling at you with a weapon) was the first response. I almost slid over and then i thought...not no but hell no. I was headed to school and then one was expecting to hear from me and I wouldnt even have been missed until about 5;30 pm. Way too long.
So I thought grab your phone call, not fast enough.
Honk and scream and fight. YES! Everyone was home, it was early and they would all get ticked and come outside if someone starting honking. I laid my left hand on the horn, screamed for Jason (who had just gotten out of the shower or he would have never even have heard me) and fought off what ended up being a broken bottle with my other hand.
I remember him slashing at me and trying to sit next to me and physically push me over but I had wedged myself up against the console and wasnt going anywhere. I continued to fight.
I looked up and saw Jason emerge from the apartment clad only in a tshirt and boxers. He just thought maybe I had closed my hand in the door or something. I saw anger and fear wash over him at the same time. He came running down the stairs screaming profanities i didnt even know he knew.
Somehow I managed to fight my way through the assailant and out the door he was blocking. I still had one hand on him when I exited the car and man was i angry! I didnt want to let go. I wanted to rip him from that car and kick the @$*% out of him. But good old fashioned common sense and fear kicked back in and i ran. I got to a pole and collapsed right about the time Jason reached the car. The man had locked himself inside and was fumbling for the keys. Jason was pulling at the door handle and pounding on the glass screaming very profane things. I think he would have killed him if he would have gotten hold of him.
At that time I realized i was bleeding and screamed, I AM BLEEDING! An jason gave up the fight and came to see me. The man got the keys started the car and sped away.
Soon after the cops arrived and I realized my fingers we cut and my shirt and bra were cut through but all very minor injuries. I was soooooooooooo lucky.
They found my car a few days later. He had stolen my backpack which thankfully had no books in it but one binder organized with ALL my notes from ALL my classes and it was midterm time....grrrrrrrrrrrrr. He had also taken my phone but had left his broekn bottle in the brown bag.
Nothing ever came of it. Never heard anything. Had to do a forensic sketch for police but that was it.

Well this is where I am going to talk about how great my hubby is. Jason just a few months ago got a computer job with the waco police department. He called me today and said, "I have a suprise for you. Well i guess it is a suprise, I am not real sure how you will react." So i think, okkkkkaaaaaaaaay.....
I sat down, and he commenses to tell me about how he has been working on some computers over at the special crimes department and talks to the chief alot. He mentioned my case to the chief just wanting to see if the man ever got caught etc...and ....THEY REOPEND MY CASE! How cool is that. So very thoughtful.
I love my guy!


Kara Alexander said…
Wow!!! What a terrifying experience. How thoughtful of Jason to do that for you.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating at work? Reading your blog is more fun!

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