Bellmead Taco Bell?

Ok, so LJ and I were going to a movie Friday night and appetizers b4 hand. We decided to meet at the Elite Circle Grille to chit chat b4hand and snack. Well they sometimes have 1/2 price appetizers and I volunteered to call to see if this would be happening when we were planning on going. I go to their site and get their phone #. I call the number and hear "Bellmead Taco bell"...what!?!?! I just apologised and said I had the wrong #. I thought, maybe there is a typo in their website so I go to and look them up. Same #. But hey, maybe i entered it wrong, so I call again. "Bellmead Taco Bell"


I just han gup without saying anything. I am exasperated so I call LJ and say, everytime I call the numbers I find for this place I get Bellmead Taco Bell I dont know how to get in touch with the Elite. She looks it up in phonebook...something i had yet to think about (what a dufus) and SAME NUMBER! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So I said well if it is a typo in so many places I am sure they get this all the time so I will just call them back and see if THEY know the # for the Elite.

So I call back and..."Bellmead Taco Bell"

I say, "Look, I am trying to get in touch with the Elite Circle Grille and this is the only # i have been ablet o get my hands on, do you know how I can get the elite...?" SILENCE

"ma'am this IS the Elite Circle Grille."




Ok, so she had a thick accent. I am a retard and Bellmead doesnt even HAVE a taco bell!

Of course LJ called same time as me and got some guy and understood him immediately. SOMEHOW i go the same woman each time I called and she had a very strong hispanic accent..."Bellmead Taco Bell".



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