New Year's Resolution 2011

There are 1,000,001 different things that I need to resolve to change in this new year; my weight, my activity level, the amount of time I spend engaging my children, my coupon divaness, staying on top of my chores, being a better wife...but ONE truly seemed to trump the rest this year. My relationship with God, and the leadership of my husband and me in leading our children towards a healthy relationship with Him.
So this is it. This is MY resolution.
Every evening before dinner prayer, we sit as a family at our dining room table and I randomly choose a scripture for that evening. I read the passage, and then my husband talks to the girls a bit about what that scripture means, we pray and then we enjoy a family dinner. (Well 'enjoy' might be an overstatement with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old picky eater--but we
I chose this as my resolution because I felt led be an example of a Godly woman for my two girls. I would NOT call myself a feminist. I will probably take some flack for this, but I do believe there is a biblical role for a woman in the family. It is scriptural and you cannot deny that it really does work when you submit yourself to a godly husband. With that being said...those of you who know me personally know that I am a very strong, determined, vocal woman. I do NOT feel that as women it is our destiny to sit on the pew in church and nod as the male leaders of the Church interact with and in the ceremony. What I think, what I beleive, and how the spirit leads me, are all important to God. He does not want what He places on my heart to be silent--or He wouldn't place it there. That is MY belief. It doens't have to be yours. But I feel women can, and should be ministers, and church leaders. And even be allowed to *gasp* collect the offering on Sunday morning with the rest of the good 'ole boys.
So I want to raise up empowered young women who aren't afraid to be an active part of any, and all , aspects of worship services in all capacities.
Ok, I will get off my soap box now and back to my point.
We have been doing this nightly with our girls and what has taken place blesses my heart beyond measure. My four year old little sweetie WILL NOT let us forget to read from God's book. As we set the table she runs to get my message translation of the bible and places it at my chair. She waits, smiling, ready for me to read. As soon as I am done her gaze shifts to her wonderful daddy who then explains it to her and then we pray:
God our father
God our father
We thank you
We thank you
For our many blessings
For our many blessing

I am so blessed. And I praise God for laying this resolution on my heart!
A paticular passage that continues to randomly arise:

10-12 "Now listen, daughter, don't miss a word:
forget your country, put your home behind you.
Be here—the king is wild for you.
Since he's your lord, adore him.
Wedding gifts pour in from Tyre;
rich guests shower you with presents."

Psalm 45 (the Message)


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