Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HCG VCLD...hanging in there

So today was a pretty ok day.  Breakfast is ever a difficult time for me.  Coffee is more than enough to fill me up until lunch.  At lunch I ate left over salad from NEWKS last night and a few bites of a left over hot pocket from one of my kids.  OK, so NO the hotpocket is not on the diet but I am giving myself a bit of grace.  Just being more AWARE of what I am putting into my mouth is a huge step for me.  I also ate a snack of crackers today--ALSO not on protocol but hey...my calories are still low.   For dinner I went to Heitmiller Steak house with my examiner.com spoils and had a steak, mushrooms and a few sweet potato fries.  I was good and DID NOT get soda (diet or otherwise).  I ordered tea but it was disgusting so I opted for a cuppa joe.
Then I walked for an hour this evening.  I am finding that allowing myself a few small cheats during the day is working wonders for my morale.  I know die-hard HCGers would chastise me for my loosey goosey interpretation of the rules but right now THIS is working for me.
Hang in there guys...

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