Teaching Tree Lake Youth how to 'Cake"

The mission team at The Church at Tree Lake in China Spring, Texas is going to Belize in a week and a half for their annual mission trip.  The team includes youth, church members and members of other congregations.  They host several fundraisers throughout the year to help raise the funds needed for the trip.  They auctioned off a Nook color this year and they usually the host 1-2 Belizian cake auctions each year at dinner on the grounds.  
A Belizian cake auction if different from a regular/traditional auction in that the bids are placed at $1 increments and ever bid made is paid at the end of the auction whether the bidder won the item or not.  For instance if 400 total bids were placed on a cake by 4 different people and person 1 bid 50 times, person 2 bid 100 times person 3 bid 200 times and person 4 bid 50 times and made the last bid.  Person 4 wins the cake paying only $50 while person 1 pays $50, person 2 pays $100 and person 3 pays $200 and take home NO cake.  It gets really interesting! 
'Caking' is my hobby and I offered to teach the youth on the mission team so that they could make themed cakes to sell at this last Belizian cake auction before their trip.
We had a fondant and buttercream party on Friday evening.  I taught the kiddos how to make homemade icings.  We did numerous colors and flavors based on the designs that we chose the day before.  The kids LOVED getting their hands dirty and sticky in all the sugar, butter and marshmallows.  They also baked two of the 13 sheet cakes used to make their masterpieces.
The following morning the learned how to cut, shape, ice, cover and paint themed cakes.  Flour was everywhere.  We had icing in places we didn't know existed.  BUT, the cakes were awesome. 
Visit my web page to see more of the cakes that I have made over the years:  http://auntloubooks.weebly.com/stolles-sweets-cake-creations.html

I heard unofficially that the 3 cakes earned a whopping $800!!!!! Check out the pics of all the hard work and final products!
This is a chocolate marble confetti cake with coffee buttercream and chocolate fondant (that tastes JUST like soft tootsie rolls) representing  God's power over all (the universe)!!
This cake is a Bible, a Faith Comes By Hearing solar-powered proclaimer and images that reminded the youth of past mission trips!
This is a 7 layer chocolate covered strawberry-flavored model of The Church at Tree Lake!


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