HCG VCLD day 11--protocol day 13

So here is the raw, honest, truth....I cheated, backslid, fell off the wagon--however you want to put it.  I did not follow protocol for the last 4 days.  On the 10th I took a few bites of homemade buttercream icing and a bit of cake scraps.  On the 11th I ate a sandwich WITH bread, some birthday cake, AND then McDonald's burger and fries with diet soda. BIG no no for me.  Soda and sugar hurt me BADLY.  Sunday the 12th I had a subway flat bread sandwich with avocado (btw DON'T TRY IT--it is DISGUSTING).  I did ok for dinner that night.  Then today the 13th I did good at breakfast and at lunch ate a fruit salad with some roast beef...then I broke down and ate a whole wheat tortilla.  My mother in law took me to dinner at Newks and I had a salad with crab soup and diet soda.  Then after shopping she treated us all to frozen yogurt at 3 spoons which I had been DYING to try for a few months now.
Tomorrow is a new day and I am NOT quitting this thing.  I am getting back on protocol tomorrow and will wait to weigh til Friday.  We will see then how much damage was done. 
Moral of this story:  Don't give up if you fall short.  We are all human and imperfect.  You WILL at some point cheat.  You WILL not meet your own expectations all the time. 
To correct my downfall I plan to start an exercise regimen in addition to HCG.  I will ride my stationary bike 2 days a week for 30 min and walk for an hour one day a week.  I will do this thing and YOU CAN TOO!  It may not be by the book, but a loss is a loss.  Just keep em coming off!


The Herings said…
Fell off the wagon, too. Back on protocol today. Kind of cheated a bit here and there and ready to get start losing again!
Stolle Family said…
I hear you! bring on the loss!!!

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