This morning was a typical morning.  Woke up to screaming children, hurriedly got cereal for girls, made my coffee and sat down to blog about weight loss.  The girls wanted to watch tv so I turned on animal planet--Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter was on!!
I finished my blog and began making my first cup of coffee.  Reese and Rae were running around the house playing with Reese's stuffed anaconda pretending to be snake wranglers themselves---just like good 'ole Steve.  Then Rae SCREAMED "SNAKE"  there is a "SNAKE".  I pretty much ignored it as creative play.  Then Reese let out a scream and said "MOM THERE REALLY IS A SNAKE"!!!!
Something in her scream caught my attention.  I stepped away from the truvia and milk to go check it out.
There WAS a snake!  Along the wall between my two girl's bedroom.  I immediately called Jason.  He is across the street with his dad cooking for Men's Breakfast. I said, "I need you and your dad RIGHT NOW, there is a SNAKE in the HOUSE!!!".  He didn't even say anything.  All I heard was click and he was on his way.
I opened the door to reassure him that we weren't in immediate danger--it was a very skinny, small, baby snake.  But a SNAKE none-the-less!
Jason rushed in to rescue us!  He got a toy tub and chased the snake--who was now IN Raeleigh's room.  He caught it in less than a minute and actually killed 2 birds with one stone.  He got rid of a spider in the process too! (We have spiders BAD).
So we are once again safe--and hopefully snake free. 
There is a small hole at the base of our front door where the weather stripping is missing...needless to say I will be fixing that hole at some point today.


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