HCG day 2 on VLCD (day 4 total)

Loss on scale this morning was 1.8 pounds! That is a 5.8 overall loss the last 2 days--I can live with that.
I think I may have eater more meat yesterday than recommended but hey, a loss is a loss and 1.8 lbs isnt bad AT ALL!
coffee breakfast 3 cups each with milk and truvia
lunch: 2 links and baby spinach
snack: melba toast, my daughters left over chicken
snack: raw apple with truvia and cinnamon
dinner: 2 links with baby spinach and raw squash
snack: melba toast
TONS of water and lots of unsweet tea
hot green tea b4 bed


Christina said…
Today is day 4 for me too! Cannot believe I am not hungry! Keep up the good work :)
Stolle Family said…
Thanks so much Christina! You too! HCG is great!

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