Hello Kitty Birthday Cake--how to

I made my own fondant
using 16 oz of mini marshmallows
2 lb confectioners (powdered) sugar
and water (as needed).
I heated the marshmallows in the microwave at 30 sec intervals stirring each time until they were completely melted. I then poured in half of powdered sugar and greased my hands and counter top.  I kneaded the marshmallows and sugar in the bowl and then dumped it all onto the greased counted and added in the rest of the powdered sugar.  I added 4 drops of water.  I kneaded like bread until all the sugar was mixed in and the dough was pliable and non-sticky.
I also made homemade buttercream with 1 cup crisco, 3 cups butter, 2lb powdered sugar and vanilla extract.
I creamed the butter and crisco together then slowly mixed in the powdered sugar and lastly the tbsp vanilla.  I had yummy Mexican vanilla. You can change the flavor by substituting other extracts, or even coffee.
I baked 2 sheet cakes, sculpted, dirty iced and filled them.  The sculpting was simple.  An oval and then the left over corners of the sheet cake reattached for the ears.  I then covered the cake with fondant, made the fondant bow, eyes and nose and painted wooden skewers for the whiskers.  Turned out great and I am sure--tastes HEAVENLY with all that butter and sugar.  YUM YUM!
Happy birthday Raeleigh bug!!!


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