Weight Watchers 2 week hiatus

Embarrassingly enough Jason and I have failed to make progress for these last 2 weeks.  I have attempted to keep up with my points but I have been very 'organic' in my approach.  I managed to maintain, so that is good, but no loss for me.  Jason on the other hand was really defeated and unmotivated these last 2 weeks and has gained.
We are back on the weight watchers bandwagon.  We actually eve ran tonight--granted it was a very short run and the last leg the girls (5 and 3 yrs old mind you) managed to run circles around us.  But hey, exercise is exercise.
I love to run.  I have done it in the past and it feels great--especially that endorphin runners high, but MAN!!--I have NEVER run with this much weight on me.  It was hard work.  I felt like I was running in quick sand!!!

Baby steps towards active lifestyle.  I am tired of being tired.

Keep the encouragements coming!  Jason and I are ready to be new!!!!


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