Dollar General coupon trip 8/9/2011

I was going stir-crazy at home today.  I knew there were some good deals at Dollar General and Family dollar and I just wanted a change of scenery.  I loaded up my girls and we headed out.

My first stop today was Dollar General.  I had seen their ad and knew there were a few things that I would like to get.  Well, as I walked into the store I noticed something that I had not paid attention to before--a HUGE clearance table at the front door.  I pulled my buggy aside and began digging in.  I found some AMAZING deals:
2 sharpies for $1.75
vegetable seeds for 10 cents
HUGE bottle of herbal essence shampoo on clearance for $2.15 with $1 off coupon (final price $1.15)
Cover Girl shadow on clearance for $2.25 with $1 off coupon (final price $1.25)
Cover Girl powder on clearance for $3 ($6 regularly) with $1 off coupon (final price $2)
Cover Girl foundation on clearance for $1 with $1 off coupon (final price FREE)
and finally
Glade plug in on clearance for $3 with $1 off coupon (final price $2)
With these type of savings I am for sure paying attention to the clearance table from now on!!!
I also found some good stacking and matchup deals:
Glade air effects on sale for $2.50 with 55 cent off coupon (final $1.95)
Raid on sale for $3.50 with $1 off coupon ( I didn't get this deal just because I have plenty of Raid right now--but it is still a good find)
Cheerios products on sale for $3 with $1 off 2 coupon (final $5 for 2--not the best deal but still better than retail)
Hormel Kids completes for $1.75 with 55 cent off coupon (final $1.20)  My kids wont eat these but my husband will--great for lunch
I also had 20 cents off Ragu
This may be my favorite find: Fruit Loops on sale for $2 a box.  In Store DG coupon for $3 off 3 and manufacturer coupon for $1 off of 3.  So I bought 3 boxes for $6 then saved $4 in coupons (final price $2 or 66 cents a box!!!!)
I found a good stacking opportunity for Dove shampoo and conditioner.  It was on sale for $3.50.  I had a $1 off coupon plus a buy one get on free coupon.  So I paid $2.50 for 2 items or $1.25 each)
And last but not least I found ban deodorant on sale for $2 and I had a $1 off coupon.  (Final price $1 each)
I saved $20 in coupons alone.  I do not know the total savings since the DG receipt is not the easiest in the world to translate.  With the clearance and sale items I estimate a total savings of around $45.  Not too shabby!

I spent about $60 so it was close to 50% savings.  Jason is ready to kill me.  Couponing is addictive and although I am saving the family great amounts of money I think I will have to slow down on personal item and cereal purchases--I want a bit put back but not a huge stockpile.  If I want to save my marriage (j/k), I guess I better step away from the coupon book for a bit! 

I love you Jason :0)!
Happy couponing!


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