Shocking: Even kindergarten isn't safe from threatening our children's innocence

If you know me, you know that I was and am 100% open to the idea of homeschool.  I think it is great.  I am in awe of the women who undertake this amazing task.  I am not ready.  It may be in my future one day but right now I do not feel called to it.
I love my eldest daughter.  She is awesome.  She is creative.  She is unique.  She is STRONG-WILLED and I am exhausted.  We moved to place her in what we considered a better district than Waco ISD and she began her first week this last Monday (August 22, 2011).
Things went very well.  She got stars every day on her discipline chart except for the very first day--the teacher said she was having trouble following directions.  Stereotypical Reese.  She didn't cry when we left her the first day.  She liked it.  She had fun.  And then we heard about it...
Sitting at the dinner table Friday evening, enjoying our meal as a family Reese dropped a bombshell.  She informed her dad and I that at nap time that day a little boy in her class asked her to take her pants off and show him her private parts-and lay under his blanket with him!!!  This alone is gut-wrenching...but here is the more worrisome aspect of what took place.  The young boy attempted to manipulate Reese.  He told her that if she didn't do it, he would pinch her and that if she did he would tell her mom that she was good today.
As a child abuse survivor HUGE RED SIRENS began to sound off in my mind!!!!
After we clarified with Reese what took place she informed us that she immediately told the teacher what was said and the boy was sent out of the classroom for time-out.  He was made to apologise to Reese. is my issue with this.
1.  We heard about it from Reese and not her teacher.  In my opinion this is a BIG DEAL and something that warrants a parent consult.
2. The boy attempted to manipulate Reese.  There is simple childhood curiosity and then there is manipulation.  A 5 yr old's mind does not honestly come to manipulation in a sexual manner without some sort of external trigger.  In my opinion this boy has either been abused or has seen someone abused.  The statement that he would 'tell her mom she was good today' is especially concerning.  It sounds eerily like what a perpetrator would say to a child.
I plan to be at the school in the morning when the doors open.  We have an email in to her teacher but would like a face-to-face explanation as to what the teacher knows about what took place.  We would also like to know why we were not immediately contacted.  Maybe the teacher didn't get all the details from Reese like we did--and if that is the case, fine.  If not....well then the teacher will know that we don't take things like this lightly.
Be in prayer for our nerves and temperaments.  We do not wish to be the big bear of a parent that immediately attacks the teacher--but we would like to be firm in our communication.
I am so very proud of Reese.  Her boldness and courage nearly brought me to tears.  If I had had an ounce of her bravery as a child, then I could have avoided years of sexual molestation.  But with that said, if I had to endure what I went through so that she doesn't then so be it.
Empower your children.  Let it be OK to be bold.  Embrace that strong-will--you never know when it may come in handy!


Stolle Family said…
The meeting with the teacher went great this morning. It was a simple case of her not knowing the whole story. The boy was sent home with a note on Friday and the teacher simply wasnt aware that he threatened to pinch Reese etc. I am very pleased with our conversation this morning. Thanks for all the prayers.
Elizabeth said…
I just now read this and nearly dropped my dinner dish.
Lifting prayers for the young boy and his family. Keeping you and your family in prayer as always<3

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